what music you are listening right now?

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Postby fremster » Nov 25, 2019 08:30

virulent- wrote:
fremster wrote:Well one thing for sure is that he was no solo angel. If I remember correctly he often roamed with flump and Co who basically addes on every with half a pulse.

Ogmora, among other "solo" artists zerged their way to high rank before soloing. Don't compare me to them, cus i solo'd pretty much my whole way to rr10. also, minstrel is a challenge because

Lol lost ya there.

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Postby Zetetic » Nov 25, 2019 20:47

What are you people doing here?? This is a music thread.


Off with you now! Back to your discord blah blah land (or the general topics, where ever)

Or, alternatively... express yourselves in song

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Postby Zetetic » Jan 15, 2020 05:52

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Postby Wadfol » Mar 06, 2020 12:54

I listen to Earth, Wind & Fire ft The Emotions ~ Boogie Wonderland, it gives me great mood as I will go to my friend's real estate in Cannes https://tranio.com/france/provence-alpes-cote_d_azur/cannes/ in a month, can't wait already.


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