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Postby Ereskigal » Jul 21, 2017 15:55

I've got this from a Dragon Raid:

Cloth Cap (that's the item's name)
Dexterity 24
Intelligence 24
Thrust 9%
Hits 64

75 value acuity charges

AF 51 qua 100%

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Postby Kabouik » Mar 30, 2018 22:17

I've asked on the Bard subforum but this thread seems more appropriate: does this cloak exist on Uthgard? It seems simple to check, since it's a quest and talking to the NPC should already answer the question. I am not on Hib yet though, and won't have the required level before a while, so I cannot check myself unfortunately.

Banba's cloak for bards
Regrowth: +3 pts
Constitution: 15 pts
Dexterity: 15 pts
Charisma: 15 pts

People were talking about that quest in the link around 2003, so it could be on Uthgard, right?
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Postby Kabouik » Apr 11, 2018 22:36

Confirmed here:

[Edit] I did the quest yesterday, I can confirm it works.
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