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Postby Laje » Feb 24, 2017 06:57

I get tells about this all the time so I figured I would make a post to give an idea of the day to day life of a max level scout. This is definitely not definitive, and I am also a DAOC noob, last time I played I was 13 so coming back to this was actually very new so I will put down things I noticed that may seem like common sense to veteran players but might give other newbies like myself a chance to make an informed decision before rolling.

I was the first and currently one of the only level 50 scouts on uthgard. R2L3
I am currently max stats/26% body and spirit resist rest about 20% in epic armor and working currently on my template.

My RR first points were spent on true sight.

Spec is 50 bow 42 shield

So lets start from least important to most.

PvE: at 50 I think scouts become arguably the best DPS in the game. rapid fire + paladin plus theurg buffs haste and dmg add with improved accuracy from fletch arrows AND can tailor the dmg to the mob. Should routinely be doing sick dmg. Would routinely pull from tanks in groups. This is not a pve game though so this point is rather moot.

Solo: PvE ..dont.

SOLO PVP: This has been immensely frustrating for me. Most of you will be like yea of course what were you thinking would happen? But for me coming from other MMO games where I could use some degree of skill to make MOST classes at least semi decent at soloing....this is not that game. Scouts are ASSSSSSSSSSS at solo. This stems from a few major issues,

1. NO SNARE. While scout dmg can be ok. (critshot roughly in the 500s,200ish for regular shots), it wont be enough to really finish anyone off. A decent player will literally just run away before you can put them at a low enough percentage to catch them. Or, they will absorb crit shot with bubble, turn to you stun you and blow you the ****** up. Which leads me into my next topic.

2. Bow interrupt. This is 2nd most insanely frustrating (and later fixed from what I understand) part of our class. Every other ranged class gets some kind of "cast through combat" ability. That means for instance that as you fight a caster he will push his cast through combat to stun you/mez you. Now you are at range, and you can no longer use your bow. Does he have a pet ? You lose. Does he have a ranged dmg spell? You lose. Your bow will just stay on interrupt and you will just sit there. Maybe this will get better with purge and with luck close the distance but I really doubt it.

3. The random come out of stealth(also later fixed) when drawing bow based on your stealth percentage. Not only are you trying to put yourself in these perfect positions to make these impossible kills. Crit shot EVEN WITH MAXED stealth still has a 20% chance to make you pop out. So if you went for an RR5 spec ( like I did). You hav ea chance to completely whiff and get discovered. It isnt a huge deal (you just hardly use Critshot), but added to the rest has been frustrating.

Group PVP: You are a guard/ slam bot. You will get targeted early and often, making you completely useless (remember bow interrupt). Thats if you even get into a group. Which you probably wont since you dont really bring much to the table.

So what do we do well? Not much besides make OTHERS better. combine your skills with an infil and using true sight you basically auto win stealth duels. With slam and an infil you basically can kite anyone forever. If you play it right the infil takes the attention and you can machine gun interrupt casters until they die. It often feels like a minstrel + infil are better in most ways than a scout.

You will spend your life adding onto others fights. So I hope you have aminstrel friend or an infil friend. Because that will be your sole gameplay type unless like me, you just spend your time running to uppland to kill greys....the only people we can.

Feel free to ask any questions here and I will respond as honestly as I can.

I am completely ignorant of how scouts fare later on in the game with higher realm ranks. These were just my thoughts at my current point in the game.

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Postby Bistravoda » Feb 24, 2017 17:52

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Postby mrpopos10 » Feb 24, 2017 19:17

Thanks for the recount. I am working up my scout and found this very informative. I dont really know what im doing either but ive always loved the archery animations in this game. Im lvl 40 atm buying my way plvls most of the time, and working on my fletching. Going to go 50 bow 42 shield as well. Regarding your first point on PVE, i had that same thought. People ****** talk scouts a lot but holy ****** you can do so much dmg if someone is tanking for you and you have end/dmg add buff.

Anyways, give us more updates if you get anything new! Maybe will see me out in the frontiers in a few weeks.
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Postby Laje » Feb 25, 2017 01:25

@Bistravoda annnnnd you are a dumbass?

That scout video isn't even on the same patch lol. He is completely reliant on a zephyr which isn't currently in the game....

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Postby Ardri » Feb 26, 2017 17:53

Pretty much sums up why no one plays a scout. And the devs refuse to balance anything so it will stay a dead class.

Scouts are only good in a supporting role when the others in your stealth group can distract and take the damage. Stand on the side of a mountain and rain down arrows while everyone else fights.

Also doesn't help that arrow damage formula is probably broken as anyone who has ever played an archer on Uthgard has complained about low bow damage. See issue trackers below ... _/_spec_???) ... _bow_speed
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Postby Wraith » Apr 23, 2017 19:53

Casually bumping this post from february, when everyone was all, naw Laje just doesn't know how to play, I'll level my scout up and it will be great.

Now everyone is crying, because the class is useless, as was stated months ago.

Good day.

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