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Postby TheKrokodil » Nov 22, 2015 07:44


I've set up a tiny, experimental test server called Niflheim.

The server is not officially related to Uth; and don't expect much, since I don't have any time to spare to maintain it. No guarantees on uptime, SLA or anything. Not a beta. Not an alpha. Not officially Uthgard.

Use-Cases / "What for?":
    + Play Tajendi (our old custom zone/quest) here. Difficulty level slightly lowered to allow for less players.
    + Save yourself some download time: Connect to this server once to download the ~500mb patch that will be required when Uthgard reopens.
    + Test character abilities, spells, and old RAs for accuracy

    + Server is not actively maintained. You can ping me about bugs and I *might* fix them, but no guarantees
    + Needs port 20300 and 20301 open to connect. If you see an "Authorization Server Unavailable" warning, or do not see any patcher running, your firewall is blocking this.
    + If your DAoC Client is not opening at all, Anti-Virus might be blocking it (avast can cause troubles?)
    + Database is only synced infrequently with Uthgard; Abilities, spells, ... might be out of date, or just wrong.
    + Username/Password does not matter and is ignored by the server.

Follow this link here to figure out how to connect.

No obligation to try this out; feel free to ignore this post (no, this did not distract us from the actual relaunch).

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