Happy holidays!
Written by Trishin
Thursday, 24. December 2015 14:48

Hello everyone!

The Uthgard staff would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and happy holidays.

We will also use this opportunity to update you on our continued work with out testers, as we have now reached 350 solved bugreports. Hopefully we will be able to carry on with this progress in the new year, but for now we will spend a few days to celebrate Christmas, and spend time with our family and friends. This should recharge us for a burst of activity after new years eve and allow us to move along with our plans for the server, so we once again can provide you with the best possible Classic DAoC experience out there.

Once again, merry Christmas, and thank you for your support.

Warm regards,
Your Uthgard Staff.

Winter is coming!
Written by Trishin
Saturday, 21. November 2015 20:31

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we have had a news post, so we thought it was time to give you an update of what has been going on, along with an update on what we are working on right now, and what will happen in the future. Spoiler: This will not include ETAs, as we don't want to disappoint you if an ETA is not met.

What has been going on:
We are very happy to announce that bonedancers, necromancers and pathing have been fully implemented. We know we talked about this being done before, however we have now reached a state where we could actually let players have a look at them. Having something implemented unfortunately doesn't mean that the work stops, and that no further effort needs to be put into them to make them work, so a lot of our downtime since the last post has been about finding edge-cases and polishing these three systems.

What is going on right now:
Right now we are having a very closed testing session with a few players. These are players who are very dedicated and have been following our progress closely. Additionally these players are very thorough testers and are sometimes abused like robots. We thank them very much for their dedication and testing resilience, and for all the time they have spent on making Uthgard a better place. Because of these players we have had some great progress since we first opened the testing phase: We have had about 200 bug reports created, and resolved within a month. That is 5-6 bugs / day that has been discovered and fixed, I hope you will agree with us that this is amazing work of both our developers and testing team.

If you want to join the testing, please fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/KojWIyrcEa - Remember, we hand pick who is invited to the test, filling out the form will not mean that you will be able to participate in future test cycles. You will get an email notification when we are ready for more testers.

Some of you might be sad about not being part of these tests, however as someone who have observed our testers at work, you have nothing to envy. The work they are doing is very boring, and often consists of repeating the same task over and over to figure out exactly how to reproduce behavior and bugs. Not much actual gameplay is actually being experienced by these testers at this point.

What will happen in the future:
Our focus at this time is to finish our RvR rewrite (I know, are we still on about this?!). This is a bigger task than anticipated to be honest with you, and at it's current state we don't feel comfortable to have anyone but our internal testers look at it. Once we have this at a state where we are comfortable having more eyes looking at it, we will move on to the next phase.

Our next phase will be some sort of open testing (you can call it an open beta). This hopefully will reveal bugs that our testers missed, but also give us a chance to see how some of the mechanics work that aren't testable with a small group of people (relic raids, dragon raids, etc).

Lastly, we will have a stress test. This test will be done to secure that as many players as possible will be able to connect at launch without experiencing lags. Hopefully this will show any major performance issues we might have created during our downtime, and give us a chance to have a smooth launch where everyone is able to play.

So as you can see we have been hard at work the last couple of months to get the server to a state where we can reopen for everyone. We as much as you, want to play again, and see our server full of people.

Hope you enjoyed our update on what is going on with Uthgard.

Warm regards,
Your Uthgard Staff.

3 months of summer and a Grab Bag
Written by Trishin
Saturday, 08. August 2015 18:39

Hello everyone,

3 months of summer is long, but a 4th grab bag helps it all !

1. Are you guys planning to implement the battlegrounds medal of valor quests from patch 1.60?

The battleground medal quests will be available. In addition, there are quests available for level 36-40 and 41-45 for the "merchant keeps", Caer Benowyc, Bledmeer Faste, and Dun Crauchon.

2. Are you going to keep the herald warmap on the uthgard website that shows the keeps being attacked with flames? Also will the warmap (/rw) be implemented that shows the keeps under attack in game? I dont think this feature existed during patch 1.65 but i didnt dig through the notes.

The realmwar map was not available in 1.65 but rather came with 1.70, New Frontiers. Due to system limitations, this in game map was not available in the original Uthgard. At this time, we are not spending development effort to alter this system which is already in place. The functionality of the herald version served to offer a general indication of action for those who wished to engage in keep warfare. The herald version of the realmwar map will remain.

3. What will timers be on charges / potions?

The timers on potions and charges vary by item. One way to find out is to check some of the alchemist guides online from the time period of patch 1.65. We will be keeping timers as they were of that time without customization. Be careful when looking through alchemy guides online as Mythic has some charge timers that change upon zoning (from 60 seconds to the default 180 seconds). The best way to find out what timers charges and potions use is to level an alchemist on the live servers and look through patch notes for any changes that might have been made to the charge you are interested in.

4. Will we be allowed to trade poisoned weapons since that was undoubtedly the way it was at 1.65?

Yes, we have also fixed a bug with poisons which will make this less effective for classes without the envenom skill.

5. Could you provide a list of all custom implementations you will have?

No unfortunately we cannot, however we are attempting to remove as many custom features from 1.0 as possible. The reason is partly that too much have changed since we closed for the revamp, and keeping track of all custom features changed/removed/intact has proven quite impossible to handle.

Have any questions for our next Grab Bag? Please share by either sending a private message to Trishin or posting here in our grab bag question submissions thread. All questions are saved and may be used in a later Grab Bag post.

the Uthgard staff

p.s. Unfortunately a personal summer break delayed this grab bag quite a few weeks. I apologize for that.

Is three Grab Bags a crowd?
Written by Trishin
Friday, 22. May 2015 22:48

Hello everyone,

Three is a crowd, unless we are talking about Grab Bags, so here is another one for you:

1. Will there be RvR missions, and which RvR missions will be available?

The RvR missions of Uthgard before the revamp will be removed. We will instead implement the appropriate RvR missions which is courier missions.

2. Will grey players be worth Realm Points?

Yes, grey enemies will be worth RPs as this was the case during patch 1.65.

3. Will there be RvR zone horse routes like on Uthgard 1.0?

No, there will be no RvR horse routes available on Uthgard 2.0

4. How do you plan to make RvR fun for casuals?

We are working hard to deliver the best experience possible for the 1.65 setting. This includes all sorts of features that make RVR interesting for all types of players, such as dynamic relic guard spawns and corpse summoners. Additionally, we've revamped the bonuses for holding, claiming, and upgrading keeps which increases the incentive for casual players to build zergs and capture objectives like keeps and relics.

5. Will titles be available on Uthgard 2.0?

Yes, titles are purely cosmetic and also give casual players reasons to join RvR as most of these can only be achieved by doing RvR.

Have any questions for our next Grab Bag? Please share by either sending a private message to Trishin or posting here in our grab bag question submissions thread. All questions are saved and may be used in a later Grab Bag post.

the Uthgard staff


Thursday, 11. February 2016

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