The Grab Bag is back!
Written by Trishin
Friday, 10. April 2015 18:54

Let's just get started:

1. How will name reservations work?

Names of characters that reached level 50 before the server went offline have been saved in a list. Those names are linked to the same email address that was used for the account that contained the character. When the server relaunches and you try to create a character with a reserved name from that list, your (gameserver) account's email address will be compared to the one linked to the name. Only if it matches, are you allowed to use the name. Name reservations will only remain for the first few days after relaunching - afterwards the reserved names are free for everyone. This means that names can be used on any realm / class, as long as the account used is associated with the email the original character was connected to.

2. Will there be custom zones again? (Tajendi, Kaldrheim, Forest of Rosendale)

We will not include custom zones as permanent areas. However, we may hold events where zones can be added for a limited period of time.

3. What are the Battleground setups?
  • Abermenai - Levels 15-19 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L2

  • Thidranki - Levels 20-24 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L3

  • Murdaigean - Levels 25-29 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L5

  • Caledonia - Levels 30-35 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L9

4. Will the gates in the milegates be implemented?

Yes, see for yourself in our Gallery.

5. Questions regarding specifics of a mechanic and/or formula. (Ex: How much damage will this Realm Ability do? What is the block formula? How long is the respawn on this monster?)

These questions often require answers that are quite complex and would run on for days if we tried to reveal them. The short answer is that we have put in significant effort into ensuring that our abilities and mechanics behave in a manner that is consistent with our intended patch target, 1.65. If something isn't working the way you feel it should, we encourage you to join the dozens of others who have helped submit feedback and research showing how something should function. We will review the research and make adjustments if necessary accordingly. Remember, sometimes you just get a string of bad luck.

Have any questions for our next Grab Bag? Please share by either sending a private message to Trishin or posting here in our grab bag question submissions thread. All questions are saved and may be used in a later Grab Bag post.

the Uthgard staff

Bringing back the Grab Bag!
Written by Trishin
Sunday, 22. March 2015 10:15

Hello everyone,

There are many questions and answers scattered about on the forum. We would like to bring a little unity by reviving an old system some of you are familiar with – the Grab Bag. It is a series of questions presented by the players with answers from your Uthgard staff.

Submit your questions here or send them via forum private message to Trishin.

  • All submissions must be in the form of a question.

  • All submissions must be Dark Age of Camelot and/or Uthgard related.

  • Provide as much detail as you can.

We will consolidate the submissions then select a few questions for our next post.

the Uthgard staff

Spring news!
Written by Nayru
Wednesday, 04. March 2015 20:55

Hey folks! Spring is coming and the server is slowly growing leaves. We are still at work and have achieved a lot so far. Today we want to give you an overview on what we have done in the past months.

- The Necromancer class has been built from scratch. The development is finished and we even managed to implement the old abomination appearance.
- The missing Bonedancer pets have been implemented and work very well. Bonedancers also got their focus snare fixed.
- Animist bombers no longer have a random delay before exploding

Old realm abilities
The old realm abilities have been built from scratch and are working fine. Although we are almost done with the RAs, we expect minor problems and need to test more.

To put this question to bed: We will not offer barrels or bottles, however, we will have a mechanic that allows you to place the last item in your inventory on the hotbar so you do not have to re-add it to your quickbar after each use. This topic has been debated for years in the community and in staff, and this is the result of years of compromise and discussion about the heart of DAoC and our server vision.

Shrouded Isles
In an effort to relaunch sooner, we will not offer access to Shrouded Isles zones at the time the server opens. We want to offer a rich Shrouded Isles experience rather than lands filled with bugs, exploits, and partial implementations. This does however not affect the Reaver, Necromancer, Savage, Bonedancer, Valewalker or Animist classes. They will of course be available. We are also aware of the str/con charge availability problem that rises from this situation and will provide a proper solution for all realms.

Classic monster appearance
We have created a set of options for classic monster appearance that you can choose from. Old vendo (berserker) and stag (hero) appearances, classic epic zone monsters and many other classic variants of the monsters will be available as an optional choice.

Reported bugs
Thank you for all your bug reports. Each report makes Uthgard a more polished server! Numerous bugs have been fixed already, here are some examples:
- Shield procs will now only proc depending on their proc type. Previously reactive procs could be used actively and active procs acted as reactive procs.
- Keep gates now have proper health points and absorb. Spells can now damage doors!
- Animist's arboreal and creeping pets no longer attempt to attack enemies in melee combat
- Pulse bladeturns no longer have minimum cast timers, so group can benefit from timing their effects
- Weapon poisons now have a variance depending on the Envenom spec level

Unfortunately there is plenty of stuff left to do before we can relauch. The RvR/relic system is still not working properly and there are still many things missing, such as dynamic relic keep guard spawn. In addition there are still known, disturbing, unfixed bugs. Hence we continue our work and hope to present an ETA soon. There will be some sort of beta test before the final relaunch, but we haven't decided how exactly this is going to happen.

Thank you all for your patience!

Warm regards
your Uthgard team.

October update
Written by Trishin
Saturday, 25. October 2014 12:26

Hello everyone,

We're still alive and very busy with Uthgard. Unfortunately we can't announce new big features currently, because we are still working on core stuff and bug fixing.

We are making significant progress in core stuff (source code), fixing bugs and prepare missing stuff. We hope we're able to announce more updates and news soon. We apologize that we didn't publish news for a while, however to be honest real life was rough for a while. Many of us had big real life projects or are in a transition state which has slowed down development significantly. We are (as always one might be inclined to say) hard at work though, trying to make Uthgard ready to launch again.

Unfortunately a lot of this work is also work you won't be able to notice much from a player point of view as this work mainly is rewriting huge chunks of the source code to make it:

  • Easier to read and edit (results in faster bug fixing in the future)

  • More efficient in execution (less bugs, and better performance)

This also means that there really is not much we can show you of progress as it is all in the number of code lines and in server performance numbers.

We will try to announce smaller updates in a regularly timeframe, however due to the state of Uthgard as a hobby project we are unable to commit to regular updates on any steady timetable. We hope you can understand this, and keep coming back whenever we do have news. Once again, thank you for your patience!

Also please visit our Gallery for more recent screenshots!


Your Uthgard Staff


Tuesday, 05. May 2015

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