New to shaman and need help.

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Postby rawkfist » Sep 22, 2018 15:46

What is the technique for cave exping? Dot + disease then kite?
As I get higher level do I go for end2 + lw? Body pull greens and blues, sprint away, dot + disease then kite?
Thanks and sorry for noob question...

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Postby djibouti » Sep 25, 2018 18:44

I'm only 31 but what I basically do is keep my cave one pt behind my current level with leftover points in aug. Then I buy some end pots. Depending on the size of the pull and all that I might use the end pot.

Right now I don't bother with disease. I just Dot, sprint, Dot, sprint, pick up loot.

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Postby Rendiviel » Sep 25, 2018 19:30

That depends entirely on the mobs and area you're killing in. With perma sprint, disease isn't necessary. However, if you're going somewhere like malmo, you need disease to deal with mob speed. In any case, disease, dot, kite. Or, DoT and kite. Disease should go out first, but you must watch for resists since it makes mobs cluster at different speeds.

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Postby IamKaia » Oct 12, 2019 01:32

my biggest take away from leveling my shaman were:

1. I rushed 22 aug to get the blue (3 per tick) endo buff. While that makes you remotely useful in groups, it does set you back in your cave spec significantly and delays the point at which you reach your next (and last AOE dot). If you go 22 aug, you will reach 46 cave at level 48. If i were to do it again, i would stop at 12/14 in aug and keep my cave as close to my level as possible. this way, you can spec your lvl 46 aoe dot at lvl 46.

2. LW1 asap, mcl1 after, LW2 then. For most aoe spots you don't actually need to sprint that much.

3. muspelheim as soon as you can, varulvamn as soon as everything in muspelheim is grey. Pulling 20 blues (hell even greens) and killing them quick and mana efficiently still beats 75% of grp xp and will make you filthy rich.

4. pick a salvage craft (tailoring or armocrafting) and keep that up to your metal/wood tier as much as possible. 800 for asterite, 900 for netherium, 1000 for arcanium.

5. Be ready for gate-keeping neckbeards to verbally abuse you because your buffs are not up to their expectations.

6. disease in most cases is not actually desirable, because in cases where one or more of the x mobs you pulled resists, you will desync them from the pack and will require extra castings to kill all of them.

7. when you're kiting don't turn too early, you will probably die a large number of times before you get used to how far apart mobs need to be for you to not get slapped super hard.

Spots i found to be good:

- Muspelheim _ Charred/seared skelletons (20x to 35)
- Skona Ravine _ Varulvamn you can pull the lord room/the thelod room all the way back to entrance (36 to 45)
- Dodens Gruva _ Vendos and Crabs (after the 46 dot)
- Frore liches - Jamtland (after the 46 dot)
- Windswept wraiths (raumarik/odin (after the 46 dot))
- Spindelhalla - First room if you don't mind genociding svartalfs and killing your faction relations
- vanern - hagbui farmhouse/camp ( i did not really like those for various reasons, some being convenience, some being the metal tier, but it's a commonly quoted aoe pulling camp)
-Breifine - Manslayers after the 46 dot, may find hibs too? :D

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