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Postby holsten-knight » Aug 10, 2018 05:02


Just some fun we had yesterday. After we lost 2 times against the hibs with our normal (tank) setup 2 logged on spiritmaster to defend in a keep. Worked better :D

Thanks to the hibs for nice action!

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Postby GreenP » Aug 10, 2018 06:08

Nice action. My animist could use some rps.
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Postby pweet » Aug 10, 2018 10:27

Do I have to write something now cause of no like button? Got no time for that, QoL forum fix pls!
Keep it up Holsten!

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Postby wonshot » Aug 12, 2018 02:04

"Microphone activated; Holsten:"Shroooms!"

I laughed, big time :lol:
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Postby Kavarn » Aug 21, 2018 13:55

That many "Farmgut"...... well done. :D
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