Is split spec viable?

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Postby TheSkwid » Mar 03, 2017 03:50

Looking for some advice as I hit level 40.

I'm thinking about doing a split spec with 37 light / 39 mana.

I think that this would provide a lot more utility for rvr because i would have yellow NS and the second highest aoe disease, aoe nuke snare and str/con debuff. Also seems like it would be better than light for defense with second highest pbaoe.

Has anyone tried this spec in rvr? Is it viable or would I not be strong enough in any one area?

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Postby Ghast_Bors » Mar 03, 2017 09:58

I haven't tried this spec in RvR on this server yet, but I ran it for a while on Genesis and it worked well. I don't see why it would be any different here. It is, imo, the best utility spec if you can and do use all of the available tools properly. I prefer red ns but due to the respec stone shortage here I've opted to go with this spec, as has another eld in my guild. Yellow ns gets the job done just fine.

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Postby Adaom » Mar 04, 2017 12:02

Light Spec all the way . Just go for 45 light rest mana . With that spec u can play in a hib tank or hybrid grp . And the purple NS is just awesome. Also if the Enchanter is able to debuff Cold damage type you are able to nuke for tons !

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Postby Kaziera » Mar 04, 2017 14:03

You will never get to debuff the ench cold because he then has to debuff heat for Himself extra too

AT this time with that many melee mid grps mana spec is superior imo. Snare and Dissease of doom. Debuff nuke works fine. And that s c debuff that makes evry tank toothless. And sometimes you get off a nice bomb trap on the enemys assist train.

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Postby pinhead65 » Mar 07, 2017 11:31

Dont forget on old RA's theres no MoF so you will battle resists in split spec.
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Postby Rhil » Mar 07, 2017 14:03

Don't forget that there are always resists and that you'll always battle resists somewhere. Speccing for full mana or full light only shifts and concentrates the resists to the spells of the low skill spell line. The resists at lv37+ skill are pretty manageable.
The main catch about split spec is that you really can not do any ranged dmg (yellow bomb does ok obv but it s tricky to pull it off in open field rvr). Now utility elds aren't meant to deal great dps on non-debuffed targets, but it's still nice to have the option when you're in trouble.. and with split spec, other than bombing, you do not have this option :-P.

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