Noob Question Regarding Polearms

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Postby LordPazuzu » Jan 12, 2018 20:58

Are polearms superior to other weapon style to a significant degree? Are they better for tanking or DPS? Better in RvR?

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Postby Requin » Jan 12, 2018 23:26

You can check all the style growth rate here:

For example: Defender's Rage (on-style) has a 1.399 growth rate

Armsman Polearms are very slow weapons, slower than 2-handers, which means you hit harder.

The only 2-hander which is as slow as a polearm at 6.00 SPD is Apocalypse.
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Postby Grahmdal » Jan 17, 2018 00:30

Pole has big growth rate styles, and great utility with anytime snare, and fairly moderate endo usage.

And in Caledonia, against untemplated enemies, with 20% relic bonus, and lucky crits, you can really feel pleased with yourself :lol:

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