growth rate/styles for 1.65 polearm

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Postby newguy » Mar 20, 2015 11:08

anyone have any info on this? I think this is when DR was a reactionary to an enemy styling on you and 1.2 gr?

a complete list would be great though.. thanks

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Postby Austerim » Mar 20, 2015 15:35

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Postby Shinyuka » May 05, 2016 16:36

this doesnt seem 100% accurate.. aurora borealis from midgards LA is the 3rd move of the side chain, not an after enemy parry

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Postby Sztyk » May 05, 2016 16:48

Shinyuka wrote:this doesnt seem 100% accurate.. aurora borealis from midgards LA is the 3rd move of the side chain, not an after enemy parry

3rd in behind target chain cold DD got fixed on nixian, growthrate is accurate imo

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Postby Nezix » May 05, 2016 17:01

It's not going to be perfectly accurate, no.

Albion Polearm
Disabler has been changed to medium to-hit and now chains off of Defender's Cross.
Poleaxe has been changed to chain off of Defender's Rage and now has a high to-hit bonus.
Defender's Revenge has been changed to medium fatigue and chain off of Phalanx. Additionally, the damage has been lowered.

Nixian's is a good source, but for actual growth rate you'll have to do some of your own testing because sources like Talsyra and Wyrd were prior to 1.65
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