It's still easier to level in ALB and MID

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Postby Pompernick » Jun 05, 2019 21:27

20% increased damage/healing with relics is still faster/more efficient than a 10% exp bonus hib has.

Can you make the exp bonus actually appealing?

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Postby Grahmdal » Jun 05, 2019 22:05


I'll be speed-running a merc build on my twitch stream next week.


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Postby fremster » Jun 10, 2019 21:51

Go retake the relics then? Mid have been inactive for months but still hold their 20% power relic bonus ( Hibs fear that Albs will just take it from Hibs.. strange logic really :P)

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Postby kinthos » Jun 11, 2019 15:27

Guess we'll see. My hope is Mid will awaken and take away your melee relics. This given the current and recent events from Mid seem extremely unlikely though!
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