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Postby Zetetic » Apr 17, 2019 18:20

Wow, I was not liking the thread at all, but what Abydos just said makes perfect sense to me. An excellent compromise.

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Postby Malach » Apr 18, 2019 06:14

Sure what Abydos said sounds fine to me also. I'd just like to see a more accurate accounts created/characters created numbers.
At the moment the main Uthgard page says
Created Accounts: 60130
Created Characters: 186809

Considering that everyone's allowed a master account and secondary account you could divide the created account number by half which would represent about 30,065 actual people. It's just my assumption that maybe a few thousand accounts could be shaved off that number by looking at the ones that were only active for the first 4 months of the server opening in February 2017.

I only have one account, and currently only play on Alb and all my character slots are full already so I'd have to relocate Hib (never Mid) if I wanted to create a new character to use one of those cool name's that coincidently all seem to be lvl 10 characters for the past couple years and non active for well over a year. But since Hib seems to be worse off then Alb in the sense of RVR I doubt I would ever do that...

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Gryphon Knight
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Postby Zetetic » Apr 19, 2019 13:50

There must be a way to get the numbers you seek without deleting accounts. As for names, and I know you stated earlier to forget the name issue, but I have always loved the name generator for DAoC, one of my favorite features of this game as a matter of fact. Limitless names that fit each realm's atmosphere and aesthetics. Of course most people do not seem to care about such things and make names like DEATHTROOPEROFDOOM or Farts or something so it can say "so and so was killed by Farts!" blablabla, *sigh* roleplaying is dead I know.

Surely there is some name you can think of that isn't taken. I challenge thee!!

Oh, and there is a way to have more than one account that is within the rules. A non-master secondary account. You can have endless characters for each realm. I cannot remember how to do it but if you search the forums it is there, maybe in Support.


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