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Postby Skurk » Oct 08, 2018 09:26

/rp off must not be implemented, otherwise we'll have what Holsten said, guild groups who temp out lvl 47 calsses and park them in Caledonia forever making the non temped non 47 player biting the dust every time VERY hard..

I too enjoyed the battlegrounds, have played alot in them from start lvl 20 to caledonia, and i can understand people who love to be there. You have more or less instant action due to map size and ofc due to player action. once those fg vs fg and heck even more Fights start to happen, people are enjoying it cuz everyone is on 'equal foot' RR-wise.

Who ever wrote the idea with a BG from lvl 48-50? i Actually see that as a VERY nice idea. map could be the old cathal valley rr cap set to 4L9 (meaning hitting rr5 your out) This should be MORE than enough for 'the casual player' to get set for the big RvR in the FZ.

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Postby Stasis » Oct 08, 2018 10:16

If they allow a bg 48-50 with 4l9 cap i would reroll all my chars below rr5.

I dinged 50 on cabalist before Caladonia came and shelfed it and now it will take ages to get rr3L4 while maybe a week in Caledonia fix that.

I also loved my time in Caledonia on cleric, loads of fun and got to know new ppl. Was important to me thanks to just playing stealther before that.

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Postby trebbettes » Oct 08, 2018 13:25

This thread really saddens me. :|

Its been a good run Uthgard, first signed up in 2009 I believe, so nearly a full decade. But it's time to hang up my boots for good. Farewell to all my old friends should you still be here.

My most sincere hopes that that you devs make a success of this, hell you already have. 350-400+ regular players in a game with a player base as old and divided as DAOC is a huge accomplishment. Well done and long may you prosper and grow from here onwards.
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Postby Malach » Mar 15, 2019 07:26

I'd rather talk about this.
With population low and frontiers so large, making battlegrounds more attractive to players to encounter each other would be good.
lvl 50 battlegrounds with no RR limit.
/rp off /rp on would be good so you can park some characters in lower BG's if there's action in them when higher BG's are dead.

Seperate note...Why have housing rent? More houses out there then there are players for removal. It's a money sink and just annoying to have to log in to pay for a house and when your out of gold you have to go farm it solo. ( tbh - I'm fine with farming my gold solo, but maybe other people aren't)


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