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Postby Malach » Sep 13, 2018 14:02

So, I'm starting this new thread to hear how others play styles are. Seems to be debate on best play style and differences of play style shaped by when population is high and when it is low....Euro time VS NA time for example.

1.)So how did you get to 50? How many 50's do you have? Are they all template?
2.)How do you make gold? How do you afford templates for your toons? How do you afford expensive trade skills?
3.)How easy is it finding a group? State if your in Euro time or NA time.

Now for myself answering those questions
1.) I solo'd all 4 of my 50's because I wanted them auto train'd and no one would group with a reaver that was crush, a pally with no chant, the inf was ok though, stealth isn't very good for PVE anyway (just a weak merc with no shield) I compensated by SC'ing cheap 99quality gear with full melee stats until 48 then respec'd and retemped. 4 level 50's lgm SC and Armor eventually fetching and Alch with alts.
2.)My first toon was the Reaver because I to had the mind set of I wanted to play what I wanted to play. But I hit the gear wall at 32 and found out no one else wanted to play with a crush Reaver so I had to learn solo leveling, 100% frontier xp for the bonus, getting destroy'd by grey killers all the time (mostly mid grey killers). The low population is a mix'd blessing, I can xp practically all i want now without any grey ganking. So I made the Necro and 3 weeks later it was lvl 50 and I farm and collect loot and tinker the merchant sell, I was able to afford all my stuff because of that. But I don't take SC orders, I don't like making people pay the ridiculous amount that others make them pay, BUT it does take several hours to fully SC suites so I can see why people charge that much, I just SC for myself.
3.)I'll call out in LFG but no one messages me back, xp groups don't happen in NA anymore I think, so I'm still soloing. I only group for RVR and dragon/legion (the last dragon raid I did was about 8 months ago. I can't get on for Euro time raids cause I'm at work) The last RVR group I had was about a week ago I think...It was my day off so i woke up very early to play on Euro time. We took alb keeps back and a couple mid, when we had DF everyone left. Obviously I'm NA time.

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Postby Roamer05 » Sep 13, 2018 14:11

1) I have no 50s
2) Tried leveling a Necro to have a farm toon. Can’t motviate myself due to population.
3) NA times population is terrible. At this time I can’t convince myself to level to 50 and only have 30-40 people max online in my realm.

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Postby Alpenbruder » Sep 13, 2018 14:18

Malach wrote:
1.)So how did you get to 50? How many 50's do you have? Are they all template?
2.)How do you make gold? How do you afford templates for your toons? How do you afford expensive trade skills?
3.)How easy is it finding a group? State if your in Euro time or NA time.

4x 50 and 2 about to hit 50. 1 is not tempted - most others were done between lvl 43 and 46.
Most of my lvl 50s were accidents more or less - except my second shaman (cave), all characters did get their levels in groups (either duos or FGs) - I received PL only 4x in almost 2 years but never on 40+ chars

Mass farming with caver and salvaging drops. Template services within guild (composition AND creation - yes I give excellent tips on top to costs). Making money is maybe not the right word. Most of my income is spent on crafting without taking gold for it ;)

3. EU player. Finding xp groups doesnt take me more than 10 minutes (set up and ready to move). I never group random but we take random players into xp groups if we are independend on their performance
Thanks to my excellent guild + alliance. Our people prefer social and group interaction vs. soloing.

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Postby Rendiviel » Sep 13, 2018 14:47

1. I have only 1 level 50, a warrior fully templated.
2. I farmed and sold seals for the majority of coin made on my warrior. Shortly after, I made a cave shaman for farming. 10/10 I love the cave shaman and the coin is solid.
3. I hadn't actually leveled in quite some time, but I form my own groups. I'll fill with literally anything until we get the ideal setup. NA time here. Nothing quite beats exping with 3 melee hunters, 2 shaman, 1 zerker, 1 warrior and a skald :gaga: :gaga:

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Postby patouch » Sep 13, 2018 17:35

from last year, March to November 2017:

Started as a runemaster/tailor
Tailoring as the cheapest tradeskill enabled salvaging with every benefit funneled into spellcrafting.
SC then funded everything else
4 lvl 50 all templated through the roof and 100p of cash. Eventually led all the other tradeskills to legendary.

Tradeskills were the key but not the only one. The most important factor was making friends, never play solo. DAoC rewards social interactions and brutally punishes solo gameplay

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Postby hazelhimself » Sep 13, 2018 20:12

1. i have 4 lvl 50 characters. necro, cleric, friar and minstrel. all templated. my lvl 44 pala is temped as well....altho hes probably never gonna see lvl 50. i did most of my leveling by trading necro pl. im not proud of it and i would have prefered playing it properly...but finding lvling grps in alb has always been a huuuuuge huge issue.

2. before making my necro (i seriously tried without) making money just waaaay too tedious. i gotta admit tho...many of the really good spots have been nerfed to the ground. (altho GMs deny it...but i know very well how rng works...and they DID nerf many many spots.) still...since i have access to all relevant crafting professions and enough money to fool around i dont need to farm anymore at all.

3. i play in all timezones and finding grps is hard as dinosaur ******. i gotta admit tho that is also because i enjoy middle-tier grps the grps that arent useless af but not elitist either. i group with people to have a good laugh while accomplishing goals with reasonable but not maxed out efficiency.

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Postby RazorRamon » Sep 13, 2018 20:23

My only 50 is my Druid. Being Nature spec made it fairly easy to solo level to 50, grabbed weaponcrafting for salvaging, paid my brother to spellcraft gear I'd bought and because of my spec I didn't need to alter anything for raiding, pve, RvR purposes. Worth noting before my final template I did everything in epic armor :D

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Postby silenced » Sep 13, 2018 20:57

Right at server launch I made my nec, reached legendary tailor on wednesday after launch with lvl 32 and bought my first house a few days later. Was a hell of a ride and I was lucky to have vacation during that time. (No, it was not a planned vacation for launch, since I have to plan my vacation a year ahead.)

I also remember countless discussions in the starter guild 'west albion explorers', teaching people how to get money by salvage, sharing good spots in low/mid levels, giving out hints for crafting, and I was always amazed how small the knowledge by a lot of players was for the very basics of the game, despite having played it for years on live. :) Was a fun time. Sometime, I miss these times.

Later I put together some money and founded a guild with my minstrel (some players got 200g for joining the group, which was a fortune back then). Got all my chars invited and guild rank 0'd, made the house a guild house and bought the house lot right next to my house, owning 2 houses, both the 10p variant, with the basically same space as the 100p villa, but with only 20p in house costs and 400g rent/week instead of 4p.

Regarding playstyle: mostly solo, sometimes, when in the mood, also in groups, but this happens very rarely.

Since not having played most of the time since, I think, march, and basically not having played much in the time before too after finishing all my crafters, I'm still stuck with the nec being the only lvl 50, my minstrel 44 (leg fletcher), paladin 35 (leg weapons), arms 26 (leg armorer), 2nd nec (different spec to try, also leg tailor), cleric 8 (leg sc) and my friar 7 (leg alchemist).

This, basically, makes me totally independent from anything, I do not rely on anyone, and I am what the devs basically wanted to prevent: players not relying on anyone else, being autark. ;) But sooner or later everyone reaches this state.

But, I'm also contributing to the realm. Lots of people run around with weapons, 99% and 100%, crafted by my weaponsmith (mostly polearms, hammers and slash weapons, these that were not so much present in the flood of thrust weapons (for all the stealthers), and lots and lots of minstrels run around with instruments made by my fletcher. Some also got lots of cloth parts I made when I was bored. Some low levels also got the plate armors and cloth armors I used, for free, including weapons. Heck, I even once repaired the relic doors in Excalibur by a few %, which was ... expensive.

Since being limited in time, I don't want to bother anymore with finding groups, or building some and having a hard time keeping them together. Maybe in winter, when time is more spare, I will more actively participate in the realm actions some later time, but, yes, call me arrogant and egoistic, this will be my decision. I know that I'm not needed by anyone and noone is waiting for me to play with them, and that makes live really easy. No stress, no problems, just enjoying the time.

But well, that's what you get I think after playing this game since EU launch, and basically since 2006 on Uthgard, on and off from time to time.

You can sum it up as: I don't care about anyone and noone cares about me and all is fine. But if someone needs help, I'm always willing to share my experience. Yes, I'm very anti-social, but also very social, it always depends on the person.

Right now I'm always switching between Albion and Hibernia for a week or two, trying to slowly build up the same in Hib as I got in Albion. Slow and tedious, but getting forward.

That's all from me about that.
Albion Forever!

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Postby Gil » Sep 14, 2018 09:31

I have 2 level 50s in Midgard; a warrior and a zerker both fully temped. I made my gold there by killing mobs and salvaging. I also did a lot of Dragon raids (more than 50 Dragon kills). I made some plats from selling respec stones on my CM. Nearly all my playtime was grouped for leveling and RvR.

About 6 weeks ago I realm switched to Albion in an attempt to help restore some realm balance. My highest level Alb is a lev 48 Armsman, not yet temped. He's a weapon crafter just like my Zerker. :)

EU player.
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Postby holsten-knight » Sep 14, 2018 12:13

I have one templated level 50 since like 1 month after server start, took a 6 month break then. Legendary armorcrafter but that was just a huge waste of money and time, I never crafted anything that wasn't cheaper to buy in hz.

I leveled only in normal level grps, most of the time fgs.

I farmed my money for the template mostly solo in spindel salvaging the drops.

EU player.

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Postby MT-Pear » Sep 14, 2018 13:24

1. Leveled mostly in a group. Primary guild/alliance intern. I own four 50's, one 46. All temped
2. I have a taylor able to salvage everything. But we have a SC'ler, who made the most money by temping service
3. Due we have a large alliance with guilds willing to take other ppl I don't have problems finding groups. Without it I guess it's quite hard to find group. EU player

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Postby Torgo » Sep 14, 2018 16:09

I have two level 50s. A light Enchanter and Ranger. Both pretty much soloed to 50 except for when hib had the Bog zergs running I would join on occasion...this was when populations were fairly decent.

The Enchanter was my money toon. Fully templated but only got him to about RR3. He kept my ranger well equipped while leveling it up and also fed him money for his bargain basement Ranger template.

Spend a lot of time in the BGs with the Ranger. Did my share of ganking at low RR...the Bane of Snowdonia.

The ranger is rolling with about 200 gold. When I need to refill I just farm some random yellow mobs. I have zero urge to level up and other toons.

Now most of the time it is just looking for keep defense options. Not many targets I can take down in the open field. Don't really gank levelers anymore. Sadly the only action most of the time is afternoon NA time while I am at I play on my laptop and hope I don't get caught :). Although the action has been pretty good. I prob should learn German so I can figure out what is going in in the BG. NA evening are still pretty dead.

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Postby Anomie » Mar 13, 2019 07:13

Malach wrote:So, I'm starting this new thread to hear how others play styles are. Seems to be debate on best play style and differences of play style shaped by when population is high and when it is low....Euro time VS NA time for example.

1.)So how did you get to 50? How many 50's do you have? Are they all template?
2.)How do you make gold? How do you afford templates for your toons? How do you afford expensive trade skills?
3.)How easy is it finding a group? State if your in Euro time or NA time.

Fun to read people's answers here. I guess though it's months later and the population has gotten even lower i will post my answers anyhow.

1. I mostly soloed my Animist to 50. Did join pick-up groups occasionally and a few bog zergs, including leading groups twice in my 40's. Just one lvl 50 toon in my stable, with innumerable alts rerolled dozens of times in some cases. I know i like playing Valewalker and Druid because i have broken lvl 40 with the VW and have two druids in their 30's (1 Nature/Nurture, one Nurture/Regrowth). Up until recently i was proud to say that the only class in the game i hadn't tried was the Necromancer. Well scratch that. I've tried a necro.
As far as templates go, my Animist is not fully templated. It has a farming template i pieced together with a few crucial magic resists added for the odd keep battle. The other toons were generally in crappy gear until i got my SC'er to 750, and now i have a few toons with templates i designed using ROG's. The VW was templated at lvl 34 (still wearin mostly the same stuff ten levels later) and i have a temped lvl 26 ranger and chanter.

2. Like someone else said, lots of my 99% gear has been bought by realm mates. I always sell below cost unless you're buying endo or power pots, or the higher level alch stuff requiring dropped ingredients, in which case i still keep it 'below cost' in reference to the housing price for the drops themselves.
So that's just another way i lose money. How do i make it? Salvaging, mostly, and occasionally i get a hundred or more gold from selling a stack of XP loot. Also i've made money leveling my weapon and armourcrafters and fletcher in two ways: Craft tasking in the housing markets where the destination NPC's are mostly a few paces away (or a 5 silver horsie ride) and leveling using mats stored in my vault from my tailor/farmer.

3. Finding groups?
Well my bard and one druid have benefited from being offered PL out of the blue. For the record i've only accepted power leveling on toons i had committed to not rerolling... so don't be scared of offering ;)
Generally i prefer to solo so my experiences of those times when i have looked for groups don't represent the majority of my play time. When i have tried, i've gotten a duo quite easily almost every time. Full groups i've only tried to find during a couple of Relic defense battles. That mostly didn't happen. (I think it did once out of five times, and the group composition was quirky and not all stayed very long, understandably. I mean life happens, and not many of us are the caged adults we were in our adolescence, long on time and short on distracting commitments.)

FWIW i play mostly for relaxation. My job and all of my other hobbies except gardening involve self-sacrifice in some way. This is one place i take a few hours to ignore real people and go around slicing up badgers. So while i can be quite cheerful and almost always find grouping to be enjoyable, it's not really why i play the game. If it were, a druid would undoubtedly be my main, and i would have two other druids, a bard, a paladin, and a stable full of healers and shamans. For the amount that i have played in the past three years, i'm pretty sure if i'd been grouping (and not rerolling lowbies) i'd have at least 6 or 8 temped level 50's.

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Postby Galandriel4 » Mar 13, 2019 12:57

i play good, very good

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Postby Ithiggi » Mar 14, 2019 01:31

me much noob

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