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Postby Kazuki » Feb 26, 2007 17:36

Please post here the quests, which you want to see implemented next.
*HERE* can you find a list, with all quests that are already implemented.

Meaningless posts will be removed without warning.

Thank You.


Here an overview over quests we are currently working on with status:

- A Good Night's Rest: done
- Learn the Hunt: 100%, done
- Lyna's Huldu Trouble: done

Information about proposed quests that were not added to the todo list above:

- The Legend of Fenrir's Folly: lacking dialog

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Postby Zaubermaus » Mar 08, 2007 01:57

Learn the Hunt (Level 1 Quest Midgard)

Quote: ... cquest=139 (missing Textpassages from LiveServer)

Start NPC: Aegan

Aegan says "Greetings, are you [worthy of the hunt]?"

Aegan says, "Oh ho! Another bright young come to help Midgard fend off her enemies, eh? Wonderful, that's what I say! Wonderful! With the rise of the [Albion] and [Hibernia]armies,Midgard will need all the she can get!"

[worthy of the hunt] ==> Aegan says "I have spent a great deal of my life hunting the [maulers] of this region"

[maulers] ==> Aegan says "Bring me the claws of a mauler cub and I shall reward you"

Step 1 - Hunt black mauler cubs for their claws

Steps 2 through 6 - Kill more mauler cubs (total of 5)

Step 7 - You have proven yourself a true hunter. Return to Aegan with all five bear claws.

Hand claws to Aegan, each time he says:
Aegan says, "You are doing well! Continue to pass me the bear claws!"

Aegan says "You have proven yourself well youngster! I hope the coin serves you well."

Reward: for each mauler cub claw you gain 28 copper. For finishing hole quest you gain 10 experience and 42 copper.

[Albion] ==> Aegan says "Thrust me (Name des Spielers), that's not a place you'd want to be taken captive to. They've destroyed near all their trees and wildlife. Their homes are cold and their manners are even colder. Why, their very realm has fallen into chaos ever sice their [king] passed."

[king] ==> Aegan says "Ave (Name des Spielers), Arthur was his name. They say he was a great king, but I've heard tale of his many personal defeats. His own wife loved another man. Can you believe that?! And his sister, an evil witch that wanted him dead. Iy you ask me, tis better to die glory to your chosen god than to be whisked off to Albion to live the rest of your days in service to a [paladin or cleric]. How well off could a realm such as Albion be with all troubles her leader had? Not very, if you ask me!"

[paladin or cleric] ==> Aegan says "Spying is a tricky buisiness friend, not something I think you're ready for. I could go on and on about Albion, but I Think I'll stop here. When you're older, I'll give you more lessons.

[Hibernia] ==> Aegan says "Hibernia is filled with filthy Elves, pretentious and rude, thinking they're superior above all others. They worship the mother earth, and believe she is the source of all power. Their magic is destructive and wielded by [Eldritches]."

[Eldritches] ==> Aegan says "They have the ability to slay folk from far off. I was able to spy on Hibernia as well friend. I tell you these things not to frighten you, but to make you stronger fo the trials ahead of you. Midgard will call upon you to slay her [enemies]."

[enemies] ==> Aegan says "When they strike it will be hard blow that we feel. We must train and fight hard in order to fend off our would-be captors! Go young (Name des Spielers), go and learn from Midgard. Absorb all she would teach you, and then you will be ready to defend her.
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Postby Zaubermaus » Mar 08, 2007 02:13

Lyna's Huldu Trouble (Level 2 Quest Midgard)

Quote: ... quest=2444

Brief walkthrough:
1) Speak with Lyna at loc=49713, 51530 Vale of Mularn
2) Travel to loc=45692,54435 Vale of Mular and kill Votan.
3) Return to Lyna and hand her the staff when she asks for it to receive your reward.

lvl 3 received 60 experience and 37 copper.

Dialog from the quest:
Starting NPC: Lyna, a Weapon's Merchant, in Mularn loc 49713, 51530.

Lyna says, "Ah someone has [heard my call]! I asked Barkeep Nognar to put the word out for me that I needed help. But since noone has come by recently, I figured he was too busy with preparing for his brother's arrival to spread the word."

Lyna says, "Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I am Lyna, and I sell staves here in Mularn. My father taught me how to make them when I was young, and I spent many an afternoon sitting next to him crafting staves for the residents of Midgard. When I was old enough I left our home in Jordheim and came here to [set up shop]."

Lyna says, "Business has been good recently with the arrival of the Kobolds from the Undercity and the battles being waged out in the Frontiers. I ran out of supplies recently, so I made a short trip to Jordheim to obtain more supplies. I was on my way back when [something] startled me and I dropped my favorite staff!"

Lyna says, "A small Huldu outcast grabbed the staff before I had a chance to pick it up. That staff is my favorite because it was the first one my father ever gave me. I would love to have it back, but I don't have time to go hunting that nasty little creature that took it. I've offered up a reward to anyone who can recover my staff. Would you be interested in [earning that reward]?"

Will you recover Lyna's stolen staff? [Levels 2-5]
You have been given the Lyna's Huldu Trouble Quest!

Lyna says, "I truly appreciate your help, Mystic! Here is what I know about that nasty little [huldu outcast] that stole my favorite staff.

Lyna says, "When he picked up my staff he laughed gleefully and said, 'Votan has your staff now!' Then he ran off into the woods. I was talking with Aegan just outside and he's had trouble with this Votan too. He says Votan has snuck up on him and stolen things too, then run off to the southwest. I think that's the best place to [start looking] for him.

Lyna says, "When you find that little creature, get my staff back from him. I shall be waiting here with your reward if you are successful.

[Step#1] Find the huldu outcast Votan and get Lyna's staff back. Volan was last seen in the field southwest of Aegan, who is right outside the building where Lyna sells her staves.

Votan is at loc=45692,54435,4721 dir=269 Vale of Mularn, cons green to a lvl 3.

Votan says, "No fair! You steal Votan's stolen staff! Outcast Huldu will get you!"

[Step#2] Return to Lyna in Mularn and speak with her.

Lyna says, "What was that racket I heard outside, Mystic?It sounded like that nasty little Votan screaming. I hope that means you were able to recover my stolen staff. Please give it to me if you have it!"

[Step#3] Give Lyna her Stolen Staff.

Lyna says, "Oh that Huldu put teeth marks in my staff! How rude of him, chewing on my staff like that. I wonder what possessed him to do that? I shall have to work on smoothing out these teeth marks, if that's even possible. But before I do that, I owe you a reward and here it is. Thank you for recovering my favorite staff, Mystic. Your help is greatly appreciated!

You are awarded 20 experience
You awarded 37 copper
You have completed the Lyna's Huldu Trouble Quest!

lvl 2 received 20 exp.
lvl 3 received 60 exp.
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Postby Sethor » Apr 27, 2007 12:49

DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

"The Legend of Fenrir's Folly" is from the Herald's quest contest of 2002. The winning story by Lloyd Barron, a.k.a.Thunn Segundus, can be found on the Camelot Herald.
Re-write by Velodim:

Get quest from Silvertone in the bar at Vasudheim.

Step 1 - He sends you to Londar who is at the top of the tower across the road from Haggerfel (climb the ladders.) He tells you to seek the fire giants in Muspelheim and get what information you can from them.

Step 2 - Some of my party got the next step from the fire giant scout right at the entrance. It seemed to be random as to whether you got step 3 from whichever fire giant you kill. We got the quest from fire giant scouts, fire giant lookouts and fire giant guards (all gray to 49). The only indication that you are done with step two is to check your journal.

Step 3 - Then it's back to Londar. Tell him of the [dream]. He sends you to the blodfelag fort in W Svealand. They're in the small house at location 17440, 21880. (gray con)

Step 4 - Kill a svard or three and get a Worn Journal.

Step 5 - Put it on a quick bar and USE it several times (read it). You'll now be told to go to Skona Ravine and find werewolf guards outside Varulvhamn.

Step 6 - There are werewolf guards right near the west skona horse stables at location 22800, 29500. Kill some and get a Dwarf Skin Scroll.

Step 7 - Put the scroll in your quick bar and USE it twice.

Step 8 - Return to Londar and tell him that the fragment is in [Raumarik]. Londar sends you to Gris in Jordheim to ask him about making a container to carry the sun fragment in.

Step 9 - Gris is in the smithy behind the tavern near the north gate in Jordheim (loc 25100, 25600). Tell him [Londar] sent you. He sends you to get the scales of a great brown drake (in Pennine) and the teeth from a parthelonian wizard (in Breifine).

Step 10 - Go to Pennine and kill a great brown drake. (NW of Sunsbrooke). He was red to me at 49 and had 3 gray adds with him. (Note: lower lvl great brown drake's will also the scales)

In Breifine the Parthenon Guards are at about 61000, 10500 behind Crimm. They are almost all purple and you will get adds if you have more than 3 ppl in your group. On top of that you may have to worry about hibs or albs. (Strangely enough we saw none of either in Albion...)

Step 11 - Return to Gris in Jordheim and give him the scales and the teeth. Then click him again and he'll give you the Cold Iron Casket. He also gives you 45 gp.

Step 12 - Go to Londar again and tell him you [have the casket]. At this point he gives you 867,238,236 experience and sends you to Drav in Galplen.

Step 13 - Talk to Drav. He's near the entrance to the tavern in Galplen. He assures you he can handle the sun fragment if you get it and sends you off to kill the revenant.

Step 14 - Go to Raumarik and kill the Raumarik Revenant. He's in the undead fortress at about 11000, 11000. You will need a good group!!! I suggest killing any adds first (frore liches). He is very spell resistant and hard to kill. On his death we got about 57 million exp, a couple gold worth of loot and a White Hot Iron Casket to take back to Drav in Galplen.

Step 15 - Drav gives you 867,238,236 exp points and an item.

# The Heart of the Sun -- Healer
# Fenris Fang (Axe) -- Skald
# Fenris Claw -- Savage
# Sunstone Essence
# Fenris Fang (2H)
# Fenris Fang Spiked Hammer ... quest=1770

**suche gerade Texte zum Quest
Midgard: Nothing atm
Albion: Nothing atm
Hibernia: suxx ^^

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Postby kilgor » May 30, 2007 19:32

DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per Patch 1.82:
- Players stuck on step 4 of the Fall of an Emperor can now use the Olivarius Scepter to advance their quest.

Talk to the shield merchant, Grindan Halig, in Caer Ulfwych and he send you to talk to a guy in Cornwall Station. He is to the left when you enter the station in corner.

He sends you to Catacombs of Carvoda, where when you enter the new area (that got added awhile back), you go down the spiral stairs and talk to the Emperor that spawns for quest. He tells you to do such and such and basically kill a bunch of undead.

From there, first kill, you go back up stairs and head towards ramp, turn left before ramp and head down the passage. You will go though 2 chambers and find first kill, then head back to where you talked to Emperor. There you equip the item in your hot bar and holding down the e key and hitting the hot bar number at same time you use the item (like using a charge item) then you stay in that area and do 3 other kills and do same thing and use item in same spot then you kill the named guy at the very end of hall. Then you enter the chamber with the snakes and kill the giant undead, then to exit you leave the snake chamber and go right and you pop right out side :)

Then go to back to Cornwall Station see the one guy then to CU and pick your cape.
Text of quest...

Grindin Halig says, "Hail (your class)! Do you [have a moment]?

Grindin Halig says, "I have long sought to uncover the mystery that surrounds the resting place of a once [roman emperor]."

Grindan Halig says, "Aye! The catacombs have stood for hundreds of years, weathering those who crawl about within and the attempts to steal what riches still remain. Vagabonds I tell you! The tomb is a place of the dead and should not be disturbed by those whose hearts still beat! While I too yearn to know what lay deep within its [hidden depths], I will not desecrate the emperor's tomb."

Grindan Halig says, "I am unsure if you know of Iohannes Aldar? He is a respectable arrow merchant up at the Cornwall station. Iohannes is known for his love of adventure. Unfortunately a [grievous injury] forced him to settle and take up fletching."

Grindan Halig says, "Very serious indeed! Though killed, the greater boogey Iohannes was fighthing took his left foot. Since this time, he has asked to hear the tales of any who pass through Cornwall station. Iohannes has not only become quite the arrow merchant, but also a wealth of knowledge to anyone who would listen to [his story]."

Grindan Halig says, "I recently visited Iohannes and heard a tale that has whet my appetite ever since. It seems some adventurer stumbled upon a new room within the Catacombs of Cardova. The undead that now inhabit the tomb were different than what she had encountered before. These new legions of the emperor [could speak]!"

Grindan Halig says, "After hearing this, I researched a bit on my own within Camelot. Just two days ago I came to the realization that it may be possible to learn the true identity of the emperor that was buried within the catacombs! Alas, I do not know what effect this may have upon the tomb as a whole, as putting name to the forgotten emperor could lead to greater tomb raiding. Yet, if I could find someone who would be [willing to bear the weight] of this task and do so quietly then perhaps the tomb will remain unchanged."

Are you willing to assist Grindan and descend into the depths to learn the name of the forgotten emperor? ACCEPT

Grindan Halig says, "Ah! Very good (class name)! I think you will do nicely. I do not know how best to proceed I suggest that you speak with Iohannes Aldar at Cornwall station. Perhaps if you listen to his story and study the tomb well, you will find the key to learning the name of the emperor. Best of luck (your name)!"

[Step #1] Travel to Cornwall station and locate Iohannes Aldar. Speak to him of the [catacombs].

Iohannes Aldar says, "Ah! You must speak of the Catacombs of Cordova! What a wonderful place of adventure this is. Lately the catacombs have become of greater interest to the adventures you see about you. It seems one foolhardy wizard was casting a spell within the depths of the catacombs and destroyed a wall. This wall appears to have been built to seal up the [lower levels] of the tomb."

Iohannes Aldar says, "Not many have returned from this new area, but those who have carry with them fabulous stories. Thier stories speak of a long hall, a hall with a light at the end. Within that light exists a great and powerful undead roman general. I can only imagine what else may lay within this [new found chamber]!"

Iohannes Aldar says, "Yes! I almost forgot to mention the voices! Some spirit that inhabits the passageways about the main chamber speaks continually. This is quite odd as from what I have heard, most spirits and undead are unwilling to speak openly. I would be willing to [pay generously] to have on hand the words that are spoken of this spirit."

Iohannes Aldar says, "Oh! You are offering your services then? This is great (class name)! You must depart immediately then. Travel into the deepest parts of the Catacombs of Cardova. Travel into these newly found chambers and locate the talkative spirit. I will await you here when you have found the words it speaks. Good luck (class name)!"

[Step #2] Locate the talkative spirit within the chamber of cleansing.

The Spirit of the Emperor says, "Welcome traveler! I have been [waiting many generations] for you to finally come to this place."

The Spirit of the Emperor says, "Long ago I ruled all that you see both here and above! The people worshiped me and even Emperor Nero accepted my counsel from time to time. The fools within Rome knew nothing of the land here. If not for thier meddling, my name might be spoken by all even to this day! Now it seems some fool witch has begun to raise my fellow generals and soldiers from thier graves. I have no interest in the events that now transpire above and seek only to [end the torment] she has placed upon me."

The Spirit of the Emperor says, "Yes! To exist as an undead is to know pain, a pain so horrible it can only be silenced through a second death. Do you not realize that this is the sole reason why my men continually attack all who trespass within this tomb? Thier only hope is for a swift end to thier awakened state and a return to the [sweet darkness]."

The Spirit of the Emperor says, "This is why you have come to me (your name)! I seek to once more join my brethren in the after-life. Unfortunately the curse that keeps me in this state is intertwined with my generals. Each one must be silenced in turn and thier [focus item] offered up to me within the chamber of cleansing."

The Spirit of the Emperor says, "From Olivarius will come a scepter, from Taras a sword, from Crotus a seal, and from Amminus an amulet. Each of these focus items with the exception of the last must first be used at this spot before the next one can be obtained. When you have acquired Amminus' amulet, proceed into the crypt of the displaced soul. If the amulet is used at this location my body will be summoned from beneath the crypt. This will be your chance to bestow your gift of silence upon me. Perhaps in my death, the [curse will be broken] and all who still walk within this tomb will be put to rest."

[Step #3,4,5] Kill Olivarius, Taras, and Crotus and offer thier focus items one at a time in the chamber of cleansing.

[Step #6] Kill Amminus and offer his amulet up in the crypt of the displaced soul.

[Step #7] Kill Emperor Seleucus (text is misspelled in quest).

[Step #8] Return to Iohannes Aldar and give him the Seleucus' book of deeds.

Iohannes Aldar says, "I welcome your return (class name). How goes the search for that spirit?"

Hand in book.

Iohannes Aldar says, "Oh my! This is most remarkable! I can barely believe what it is I hold here! I do hope it wasn't too much trouble to obtain this. I have little to repay you with save my thanks and the promise that I shall tell your entire story. I think I will close my shop early today. I have much to read now. Thank you once again (your name)!"

Award at lvl 37: 60,878,593 experience.
lvl 42 & 44 received 110,688,344 exp.

[Step #9] Return to Grindin Halig and tell him the name of the Emperor (misspelled).

Get your reward.

Cloak of the Latent
Cloak of Renitency
Cloak of the Vital
Cloak of the Resolute

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Postby Aerewyn » Sep 01, 2007 02:19

I was going to request the same quest that Kilgor did. The rewards are nice; I used to use the cloak of retinency on my cleric until TOA came out.

Jaziza - Alb/Tristan Sorceress 11L4
Aerendar - Alb/Tristan Cleric 8L5
Aziza - Alb/Tristan Minstrel 8L3
Jazilyn - Alb/Ywain - Merc 6L1
Tricksa - Mid/Ector Zerk 6L6

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Postby Phire1Phr34k » Sep 17, 2007 13:10

Allakhazam's Magical Realm: Dark Age of Camelot: Epic Quest List wrote:For Eldritch, Hero, Ranger, and Warden

[05]-----The Hand of Nuada Airgedlamh-[Epic 1]
[10]-----Argent Arrowheads---------------[Epic 2]
[15]-----Sweating the Smith---------------[Epic 3]
[20]-----Emancipation----------------------[Epic 4]
[25]-----Mining for Information------------[Epic 5]
[30]-----Reclaiming the Mines-------------[Epic 6]
[35]-----A Foot in the Door----------------[Epic 7]
[40]-----Shattering the Alliance-----------[Epic 8]
[45]-----The Final Strike-------------------[Epic 9]

Allakhazam's Magical Realm: Dark Age of Camelot: Epic Quest List, here.

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Postby T-Man » Sep 17, 2007 13:31

Epic Quests are in the process of being implemented. For the moment you can find 5-15 in Albion. We started with this realm exclusively when there was a lack of players to give an incentive to start and keep playing there. Other stages and realms will follow as we see fit.
Happy hunting!
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Postby Phire1Phr34k » Sep 17, 2007 13:33

T-Man wrote:Epic Quests are in the process of being implemented. For the moment you can find 5-15 in Albion. We started with this realm exclusively when there was a lack of players to give an incentive to start and keep playing there. Other stages and realms will follow as we see fit.

Thanks for the quick response; I look forward to them coming to Hibby :)

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Postby Elfje » Jan 04, 2008 13:00

Cryptic Delivery (alb) :)

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Postby Naewa » Aug 14, 2008 11:48


please insert this quest, good reward for each class

DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Quest steps taken from Jarun's post on Camelot Vaults Realm of Hibernia forum.

- Talk to Lobais in the throne room in TNN.

- Lobais sends you to talk to someone in mBeo about Dagda's Harp. He's an old man in the hut in the back of town.

- The old man sends you to the Bog to kill Geas Bound Protectors. Just past the Siopa fruit stand, follow the trail you will see a set of rocks with them standing by it like wayguards (loc=10.2k, 51k Bog of Cullen). They are orange to a 50 and can't be pulled away from the rocks, they had to be charged. Killed them got 276 million xp.

- Return to Lobais in TNN he sends you to the Master Mentalist in the Chamber of Magic to ask about the Stone of Lia Fail.

- The Master Mentalist sends you to the mines to kill a gem-dusted skeleton and gemclicker. (other mobs the Master Mentalist may ask you to kill are Unseelie Underviewer, Underviewer Treeal and Coerced Grover.)

- Return with those and he has a vision. Talk to him again after his vision ends he sends you to Cenneai (aka the fruit stand).

- Head due NE of the fruit stand. On your left up a hill you will see 4 slabs of stone in a circle (loc=56k, 44k Shannon Estaury). Stop there and use Dagda's Harp. A orange to a 50 named demon, Abbadona, appears and attacks you. Looks like a cambion from DF. Has alot of hps but otherwise easy. Got another 276 million for killing her.

- Return to Labias in TNN and tell him you were misled. He asks you for the harp and gives you a cloak and another 276 million xp.

lvl 45 received 250,000,000 exp.

Cloaks are not hooded and have a collar to them.

Defender's Cloak of the Clear Mind -- Animist, Enchanter, and Mentalist
Defender's Cloak of the Strong Arm -- Blademaster, Hero, Champion, Valewalker and Vampiir
Defender's Cloak of Affinity -- Druid and Warden
Defender's Cloak of the Unseen -- Nightshade and Ranger
Defender's Cloak of the Melodious -- Bard

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Postby Mercury » Oct 15, 2008 10:45

I am sorry, but we can only implement Quests, if:
- all NPCs and Mobs are in the Classic Zone or maybe NF (so: only Classic Quests)
- all dialoges of the npcs are available in the description

So, please continue thinking about good, exciting classic quests, that you liked to do when you were playing on the liveservers.
Then, look for this quest on Allakhazam. There, you can search for the quest in the huge questlist, or look for one of the named questmobs in the Bestiary.
If the quest is fully described there, please post the link here. If all dialoges are missing, which is often so :( -> please search for the next quest and maybe post it here anyways. Of course we could make our own dialoges - but this would consume a lot of time. So, we want to implement the quests with available dialoges first - there should be still enough of them for some months of work.

If anyone knows good websites (except allakhazam and google ;)) for daoc-classic-quests, please post them also.
DAoc Warcry was one of those - but it no longer exists.
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Postby Cratemesy » Oct 16, 2008 18:08

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Postby Mercury » Oct 16, 2008 18:25

Thx Cratemesy, I think we will pick some of them for the next implementations.
Our focus are lvl10+ quests, cause we have already a lot of quests under lvl 10.
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Postby Cratemesy » Oct 16, 2008 20:13


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