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Postby Fier » Jun 10, 2022 15:58

Playing mostly support or mage classes I never noticed, how slow the natural HP regeneration while sitting really is.
Now, trying some pure melee classes, I constantly need to sit for minutes to regenerate. Loosing 50% health to a mob is not uncommon and leads to increased downtime compared to a caster, who can kill 3+ mobs per full bar of Power.

I did some comparison between HP and Power regeneration on my lvl 46 skald.
Total HP: 1194
Total Power: ~350 (estimated based on the power consumption in % per DD)

Starting at 5% HP and Power it took me roughly 2:30min to regenerate Power and 3:40min to regenerate HP!
Power regenerated at about 2% per tick (1 tick = 3s), while HP had only 1-2% per tick.
The HP regeneration rate of 1-2% per tick also proved true on a lvl 12 shadowblade with only 342 HP.

In summary, a melee class needs to spend more time regenerating its health after 2 kills, compared to a mage class regenerating power after 3+ kills.

As the power regeneration rate below 50% was increased in an Uthgard update some time ago, can we get an increase to HP reg while sitting to match? This would be a great QOL adjustment for melee classes during pve and will help to keep those classes fun, especially if no supporters can be found to team up with.

Closing note:
The yellow HP reg song of the skald (+34HP) reduced my regeneration time down to 1:10min! Thats effectively 3x faster than natural regeneration and makes for a much more engaging gameplay. As a melee class anyway has to regenerate endurance after 1-2 mobs the downtimes feel much more natural and the length is acceptable.

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Postby Wakefield » Jun 10, 2022 19:32

I doubt anything will change as noone is actively working on the server anymore.

Suggestions always welcome ad it causes discussion on the forum.

Discord might be a better option as people seem more active on there
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Postby madskaizer » Jun 11, 2022 15:37

I would sign for this non-rvr-breaking QoL improvement
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Postby Fier » Jun 12, 2022 09:54

I know there is not much active development for the server anymore, but from time to time we got some small updates. Maybe we are lucky and this suggestion can be easily implemented the next time a developer feels like getting active again 8)

Discord might be more active, but it's more like an ongoing chat. Stuff is forgotten as soon as the discussion moves on to next topic.

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