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Postby wachawacha » Dec 08, 2019 04:08

Looks like hib is coming back and the game is getting "younger"

Average level is down, meaning new characters are up. If you own a guild or are a guild leader, please keep scheduling events. Community will grow this thing again.

Attend the RvR event tomorrow to have fun and get more buzz and fun around the game.

We gotta make it fun to play, not a grind!

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Postby Grahmdal » Dec 09, 2019 02:58

I wonder what the camp bonus is on Cuulderach...
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Postby IamKaia » Dec 09, 2019 21:11

You're also forgetting about the more important metric, which is that server population does not increase. See recorded server max population below.


Community's not growing *at all*, it's players rerolling.

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