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Postby Dbeattie71 » Dec 06, 2018 15:42

Thanks for the server it's great. I'll be playing.

fyi, if you ever needed help with DOL let me know, I've been coding for 25 years. A few years ago I think I mostly had DOL ported to dotnetcore.

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Postby Chia » Dec 06, 2018 16:24

I don't think they use DOL code, I am pretty sure they wrote their own. Not that it matters, with your coding experience.

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Postby fremster » Dec 06, 2018 20:11

I believe the GMs are always open for applications (even though it is not advertised). You should send your application and see what happens :)

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Postby djibouti » Dec 06, 2018 23:43

Yikes on your email address username. I guess gmail has pretty good spam filters.

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Postby Dbeattie71 » Dec 07, 2018 03:11

Ha, yeah, I tried to change it, I don't think I was paying attention :O

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Postby Crisp » Dec 08, 2018 21:09

think uthgard is a DOL fork iirc
so DOL base with some closed source handlers,systems,whatever

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