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Postby jalore » Mar 06, 2018 20:54

As title says, it is what it is....

Relic raid early EU Hibs verse albs with complimentary mid aj

EU hibs verse mids hadrians zerg 2018 02 18 15 06

EU Relic defense 2018 02 24 14 42

NA keep defense 2018 02 24 15 53

Image Image
Uthgard 1; Mid: jalora-Runemaster-50-RR5l3-Leg SC, jalori-Thane-50-RR 5l1-LGM-Tailor,jalorie-Shaman-50-RR3l9-Barrel Alch, jalorese-Berserker-48-RR3l4-low-WC,jalorea 50 summon SM, 37 huntress - lgm ac

Live; home server: Mid Gawaine jalorian-healer, jaloria-bd, many jalor and bot army alts GM of forn sidr "we knew drama"

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