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Postby Lailen » Dec 21, 2016 12:36

Dear old-schoolers, dear crafting-testers,

I would be very happy about reliable in-depth information on how exactly the imbuepoint system and Spellcrafting sucess/fail works on Uthgard - especially when it comes to item- and gem quality in relation or addition to crafting skill needed plus material loss if the enchantment fails.

Thank you very much for that!


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Postby Kha » Dec 21, 2016 12:55

Kinda easy infact.

You wan't to go 1000 + to handle OC items. (Even if it's possible to OC 1-2 points with decent odds at 800+ gems 99%, it's too risky)
If the item you want to imbue have no OC at all you'll be fine with whatever the gem quality.
If the item you want to imbue have Max OC, you'll need all gems at 99% = 1% chance to explode
You can hit 0% chance to explode if you have 2 100% in the equation.

An item 98 or 99% or 100% quality don't have the same Imbue capacity = > Careful with that, don't forget to specify the item quality in your software.

Note :
If you want to imbue +8 longbow on a masterpiece bow, you'll need to do +8 LB and 1% of three random resist.
Never ever imbue with only 1 or two gems, because the game consider the missing gems as 94% and will give you a big chance of boom.

Note2 :
When you prepare the craft in your craft window, you can see the stats in your combat log.
Under the stats, you have the actual chance of success (even 20% is fine) and actual chance of loosing materials = explode and loose the crafted item AND gems. (usually 1 or 0% depending on 99 or 100% gems).

Lets say your delve show this :
30% chance of success
1% chance of loosing materials
This means you'll probably have to try the imbue 2 or 3 times because of fails.
But only 1% chance of explosion per try.

Does this help ?
Sorry english not my language.

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Postby Lailen » Dec 21, 2016 20:24

Thank you very much for this!

Two more points:

are there reliable lists for

a) How many imbue points are on a 98/99/100% item

b) How many imbue points are occupied per xyz gem

thanks for all the advice!

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Postby Kha » Dec 21, 2016 20:49

Lailen wrote:a) How many imbue points are on a 98/99/100% item
b) How many imbue points are occupied per xyz gem

The max OC is 5.5

A) LEVEL 51 item :
98% = 24 (Max OC 29.5)
99% = 28 (Max OC 33.5)
100% = 32 (Max OC 37.5)

B) I really like to help when i can, but it would be too long ... and not efficient to detail each gem values
Check it yourself with this one (respect Uth imbue points & stats) : ... i/download

You also have Moras that works fine for UTH, but am not sure wich version is the more accurate, so no link.

I think we covered every important point.
Could even be useful for other players, who knows.

Oh one last thing : 8 pieces is not 20 minutes like Ywain spellcraft, it's more ... 2 to 5 hours, depending on your method and luck to hit 99% gems. It's same for the leveling, you can't hit 800 in one evening. You'll need 3 days ^^

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Postby Hitori » Dec 21, 2016 21:39

Link for moras uth 1.0 from Esme, maybe she can fix it for uth 2.0 (for example: necro is missing)

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Postby Anomie » May 07, 2018 10:15

I found a page which i cannot confirm the accuracy of, but it goes into some depth about many of the questions i've had including those asked already in this thread.
My particular interest is not endgame templating, but rather supplementing drops. It took me almost as long to reach 50 on one toon as a blue whale mama to gestate an elephant. 'Casual' doesn't even begin to describe my lack of ambition.

As such, the usual answers don't help me much because the algebra behind this system is rather complex and merely interpolating from lvl 51 down most of the way to 1 (if i'm crafting for, say, lvl 20) really doesn't even begin to work. Like real life, it ain't linear.

In the link below i did notice at least one apparent error, which is that the author's example of his 'Mott’s Gloves of Filching' lists tanned cruagh as lvl 16, when in fact that would be Armour Factor 16, in other words lvl 8. Or maybe the rogue's crafting friend in the example just got the material name wrong? :-P

Also i was unaware of SCers being able to enchant crafted items. Maybe that was only on live back then, and on Uthgard the NPC enchanters like the one at the tower between Ardagh and Howth are the only option.

I love this page, so i'm hoping it's relevant to Uthgard. Dated December 3, 2002, written by DAoC folks and probably in one of those archived grab bag notes or somewhere else i didn't know to look:

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