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Postby Trinacu » Oct 01, 2021 19:17


I've been reading the forums a bit and came across this thread ( There is some info, but very limited, so I decided to dive a bit deeper.

There are a few assumptions that have to (?) be made.

1) Base crit chance is 10% (if we can trust Der_Eisbaer's statement in the same thread).
Der_Eisbaer wrote:Meanwhile I tested it:

The base chance to critically hit with a DD spell is 10% in regards of all DD spells that you succesfully finish to cast, i.e. independently if you actually deal dmg with a spell or if the target resists the spell.

2) Crit damage ranges from 10%-99% of the hit for PvE and 10%-50% for RvR (using these numbers, my math agrees with the OP for the buffed damage).

Note: My numbers do not agree with the OP entirely: I believe their mistake is calculating the difference from the base damage by subtracting 100, which is wrong because of the base crit chance which brings the avg dmg up to 100 + 0.1 * 100 * (0.1 + 0.99)/2 = 105.45 for PvE and 103 for RvR.

So, what does the math say?

The solid lines show the change of damage with increasing level of Mastery of Magery (Wild Power level is constant). The reverse is the case for dotted lines.
Solid lines being steeper means that increasing MoM gives a higher increase in average damage per level. You can also read this by comparing the starting value of the lines at x=0. This is true in both PvE and RvR.


You can see that if you have both RA at 2 it's MoM easy. But if I have MoM 4 and WP 0 the difference in damage increase is very small and MoM 5 costs 14 RP.


There is no real debate for RvR, except maybe the fact that crits come with a surprise factor.

Points on the 3D graphs are annotated (MoM,WP: dmg_increase_in_percent)



We got our confirmation - it is clear that the damage rises quicker towards the 'right' (increasing MoM level) than it does towards the 'left' (WP) and the difference is more pronounced in RvR (as we have already seen).
The difference between MoM 5 (5,0) and WP 5 (0,5) is 15.82% - 13.62% = 2.2% (PvE) and 15.45% - 7.5% = 7.95% (RvR).


Realm points are a limited resource and higher level of RA's cost more, so comparing an increase from (1, 0) to (2, 0) or (1, 1) is not the same. Let's take into account the increased cost of RA's at higher levels and look at the damage increase per RP spent.

The datapoints are discrete (0,0), (1,0) etc., so I linearly interpolated the cost between the levels to get a nice surface:
I plotted with logarithmic z axis to get a better look at the detail. Note that due to this the (0,0) point on these graphs is not at its actual z position, but we are not interested in that point anyway.


This suggests we probably want to stay towards the top of the ridge on the first graph, meaning highest damage increase per spent RP is achieved by keeping the level of the realm skills close together for PvE.
For RvR MoM should be prioritized.

Further work:
- Confirm Der_Eisbaer's statement
- Test how exactly WP affects Necro's pet

Any comments/mistakes pointed out are welcome :)
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Postby madskaizer » Oct 03, 2021 20:26

You made me cry. Tears of joy. This is the most beautiful game mechanics break down I have ever seen.

*Specs more MoM*
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