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...easy Step-by-Step for Hibernia

1. make sure you got the REMAINS from the mob you killed in your INVENTORY
---> theres NO info on remains for the "trophy-thing"! DONT sell em to any npc's unless you realy need to or you realy dont like trophy-hunting!

2. MOVE to the housingzone marketplace (Hibernia, Meath-Market)

3. TALK to the person in front LEFT of the "Apprentice Taxidermist", named "Shaughnessy"
---> its not necessary but he will tell you more about trophy-hunting (RPG)
---> if you got any pixie-remains, should be the Taxidermist himself for the trophy (edit: dont know in which case)
( edit: "Shaughnessy" takes my remains from " Red " aswell ... its a lvl15 anger-sprite! )

4. HAND HIM OUT the remains you got before
---> just "Drag and Drop" over him, same like a quest-item!

5. CHECK your quest-journal, you should got a NEW QUEST "xyz Remains"

6. HAND OUT the potion "Shaughnessy or the Taxidermist" was asking for (EXACTLY the same in your quest-journal/quest-description, the exactly name is realy important!)
---> you have to ask an alchemist to get the potion (another player, or craft it by yourself) or buy it from the market (its around 2G or LOT more...depends of the remains...minor/lesser/greater...)
( edit: the potions are very expensive in Hib-market those days! maybe because the lesser-potions just start with 855 in Alch-skill, major starts with 945, etc. )

7. WAIT for x hours to get your trophy-reward by talking again to "Shaughnessy or the Taxidermist" (check your quest-journal)

8. place the trophy inside your house (Drag and Drop) or sell em into the market

The background:
I was searching a long time to get my 1st "real-usable-trophy-object" for my little house and i never found a step-by-step-description. So if there is another tutorial for trophy-hunting, just merge them ;-)

In Alb or Mid the most steps should be the same, just the npc-names and locations are different.

daoc-trophy-mobs, daoc trophy basics, daoc trophy, housing, indoor object, market-place, market, trophy-hunter, trophy-hunting, trophy-tutorial, shaughnessy, taxidermist
...for Hibernia! :-D

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