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Postby Ayoli » Oct 15, 2018 17:27


I started a new Nightshade and I am not sure if i choosed the right spec.

I had read some guides. But here are many different opinions and most of them had been written on different patch levels.

Anyway I choosed the following spec:

CS 50
Envenom 35
Piercing 36
Stealth 36
CD 6

CS 50 to maximize Damage with CS-Styles and mainly using them. Piercing I would use only for Diamond Back.

Do you think this is a viable spec and Playstyle?

Ops wrong Forum. I am sorry about that - should be posted on nightshade subforum. :/

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Postby kinthos » Nov 03, 2018 13:31

You have the right idea. Composite 50 skill stealth, envenom, pierce. Maximise CS and minimum CD 18. If you are rr5, aim for 51 weapon composite.

CD you want at least 18 for the side stun. It's so useful! Mostly you will be landing the off evade stun from the Piercing line (25 skill Diamondback), but having that side stun is still worth it. Also the extra offhand swings do really help.

Stealth, Pierce, Envenom 37
CS 45
CD 19

Stealth, Pierce, Envenom 36
CS 47
CD 19

Stealth, Envenom 35
Pierce 36
CS 49
CD 18

Stealth, Envenom 34
Pierce 35
CS 50
CD 21

You get the idea!
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