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Postby Panini » Jan 27, 2018 00:19

I have a problem with this quest. I can't seem to advance it. I'm doing it on my nightshade Jabstar.
I talked to Siobhan the smith but he doesn't have anything to say. It is possible that the first time he said something but i didn't see and now i can't see it anymore.
After reading up, i went to Meriach and whisper to her "Siobhan" and "I can hear the water calling" is several variations in /say and /whisper but nothing worked.

If anyone know what i'm missing i'd be most appreciative.

this is what my journal looks like:

thanks in advance

EDIT: went back to Siobhan and said "Criostoin's Promise" to him. was so sure i had said that several time already to him.. and he gave me dialogue this time.. soo good news, no more help needed ;)
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Postby Freckle » Jan 30, 2018 23:53

When you talk to siobhan she tells you the exact phrase to recite to Meriach. I believe it is "I can still hear the waters calling"

I dont remember if it matters whether you whisper or say it, but spelling/plurals matters on the phrase.

Edit: just saw your edit :p

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