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Postby Keddyns » Jan 23, 2018 11:00

Hey all,

Been playing almost a week now and the server and realm is great. Been grouping and soloing and everything that leveling entails but I haven't been able to find a guild. Is there a guild that is recruiting? Preferably one that is fluent in English, but I am not opposed to learning another language. Whichever one it is. I am based on the East Coast of the US and am more than willing to roll w.e the guild may need along with my Nightshade.

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Postby Lav » Jan 23, 2018 17:55

What level are you now?

I've been doing the same, started over fresh, really enjoying the game again. A few buddies and I re-joined Uthgard to fool around and level and haven't felt the need to find a guild aside from the starter. We can do most small-group stuff, but we watch LFG and often merge with other groups working in the areas we want to farm.

I have a Warden named Caelynne at 15 and a Hero named Lavarius at 38, add me. Competent & respectful players are always welcome.

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Postby Eithne » Jan 24, 2018 00:20

Check out Expedient Demise! We are the largest US pop guild in HIbernia. Despite our size, we are a very close knit guild with a family-like environment. We do some kind of event every night, whether its keep takes, zerg rvr, pl's, farming, or raids. Our guild is currently also doing biweekly dragon raids, with regular legion and fz bosses.

As far as nightshades go, we have a stealth group that goes out and terrorizes df and emain that might be fun for you to join :). We're also home to the top nightshade on the server. is our forums address.

I hope you will check us out. Find us in game and run with us!
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