How viable are wardens in 8 man?

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Postby Helix » Jun 01, 2018 17:43

I used to run with an 8v8 hib group on Guinevere and Mordred, they were very good and often times it was hard to keep up with all of the tactics they used.

I would log onto different accounts to play either 1. Warden, 2. Mana Eld, 3. Druid

I remember with my warden I was usually wasting time when healing because the druids were casting faster than me and stronger heals, plus it cost me a ton of mana (i was a firbolg).

The most important thing for me as a warden was:

1. Getting off a good TWF
2. Resist Buffs and group-cast Bubble (while running PBT)
3. I think I was twisting damage add and PBT... maybe...
4. I think also I was spam casting group bubble (if mana allowed), or spam-casting single-bubble if someone had a train on them.

It was a very successful group, and we were usually BM/Hero heavy but I believe we also did a PBAE bomber group with the warden (I would have been playing a mana eldy).

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Postby Chysil » Jun 07, 2018 21:12

When we ran a warden it was cause we ran 4 or 5 naturalist and out survived the mid groups. In that setup the wardens main job was being annoying. Usually vs healers. Our tank train would go after the zerks first, then savages because no DPS no mid group. So the bards were usually either running for their lives, or trying to interrupt.

The warden was more harassing the back line and occasionally healing / peeling. For that, the warden did have 42 regrow, because when he was healing, he needed to heal big. He'd usually pump a few heals at a time, and let the druids reposition or kite as needed. With the interrupts from 2 bards, and a tank train going after their tank train it was never too long he had to heal.

With 5 naturalists, our DPS was low, but 3 tank train is plenty, and we outlived everything. TWF was also amazing for repositioning or resetting a fight that was going poorly. A few times we'd catch their tank train over extending, and TWF would fall on their support and it was GG.

So wardens can bring a lot to certain group set ups. You could argue that another class could bring the same value, but it's a wash at 5 naturalists (you don't need 3 bards or 3 druids really).

But I will say this, it is a very tricky play style to play. I'm guessing most groups that tried it and didn't like it got a warden that thought they were too much of a tank, or too much of a druid. In reality, a warden is like a minstrel with worse interrupts but heals.
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