Stuck with quest: Criostoin's Promise

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Postby calistus » Apr 30, 2023 21:31

Hi, i have a problem with the Epic quest and hope that someone can help me, please.

I'm stuck on the Criostoin's Promise quest (needed for step 8 "Seek the Moonstone Epic).
I need to talk to the blacksmith Siobhan in Innis Carthaig.
However, no matter what I say or whisper to her (Uthgard Forum as well as following "", I get nowhere. She does not talk to me for the next step.
What am I doing wrong here or what do I have to enter here to get ahead???

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Postby Kessa » May 01, 2023 10:54


whisper her "I can still hear the waters calling" or variations of that sentence. I found help at the Alakhazam forum reading every comment there.

Good luck!

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Postby calistus » May 01, 2023 23:34

Hello Kessa
First of all thank you for your message
So unfortunately I have already tried everything....
Be it with /s or /whisper in umpteen versions, also the entries that are present at Allakhazam under the entries for this step.
I have already been to Meriach and tried there - without success.
Find it personally just very sad, because I would have made the Epic gladly.

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Postby Gilded » May 05, 2023 04:13

Is it possible you aren't high enough level?

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Postby Ebbie » May 05, 2023 06:03

Perhaps post a screenshot of your Journal entry for this quest. Sometimes the quest directions on the usual sites don't line up with what the game wants.

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Postby Thalien » May 22, 2023 11:20

i whispered Criostoin's Promise to siobhan.

Meriach it was "Siobhand" and then "I can still hear the waters calling"
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