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Postby kilmarnock_rha » Jan 27, 2022 14:39

a faction storyline - hibernia

well, i play often solo and i like the possibility to use faction mobs to support me ingame.
ofc they eat some of my exp but if i kill ora/red/purp solo this way - i dont care.

if you like to fullfill your epic-quest for example - this could be a very good reason as well to play like this for a wile!
some quests in general need at least a neutral standing with some factions! otherwise the questgiver wont talk to you.

...and the main reason - if you made a faction angry in lower-levels, it could be VERY HARD to make them happy again in higher-levels! (in case you like to start your epic-quest with lvl49 for example)

so the keywording is:
DONT MESS with every faction in your realm and kill the "bad" factions instead of the "good" factions!

well, there are few spots you'll get an advantage from faction mobs fighting an other faction.
...and ofc you RAISE the standing with factions you DONT kill, other way you lower the standing with factions you KILL!

one of the most common "bad" factions in hibernia are the curmudgeons,
for example lough derg - curmudgeons:


theres a small town close to a small hill. named mob "Bertha" (Trophy-Remains) will be there as well.

on top of the small hill you'll find some dew sheeries.

so if you pull the curmudgeons from S-SE to the hill close to the sheeries, the sheeries help you to kill the curmudgeons.
ofc just in case the sherries are at least neutral to you!

some of the curmudgeons are linked or they bring a linked pet.
you could pull 1 of the the curmudgeons and bring the agro to an sheerie to kill the 2nd1 by yourself and after this you kill the 1st.
now you'll get an aditional group bonus for killing both.

ofc the sheeries eat some of your exp, but its ok if you pull solo ora/red/purp (depends on your class).

btw if you play often in groups, you raise and lower faction-standings the same way like in solo!
so if ppl in your grp KILL the faction mobs you need to be good with, YOU LOWER the standing with them if you hit them by yourself or not!


btw if you have some suggestions or more spots to check, plz tell me :wink:

epic-quest, epic, faction, standing, faction-standing
...for Hibernia! :-D

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