Any house vault open for public?

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Postby Fier » Apr 04, 2022 08:16

Is there any house in Midgard with a house vault open for public use?
Just switched over from Hib, and without an own house it is difficult to move items between chars.

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Postby Ilerget » Apr 04, 2022 22:54

what you need is a guild for these services, or ask someone you find to help mule from one char to another
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Postby Fier » Apr 05, 2022 19:12

Agreed, both of this are valid options, but with the low population it is not always easy to find somebody to move items.

In Hib there is a house directly near housing entry with one vault open for public. That was very convenient to move items arround.
Was hoping there is something similar also in Mid.

So if anybody knows, or has a spot in guild to use guild house, just speak up :)

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Postby Ithiggi » Apr 17, 2022 21:48

There are many houses even towns with /housefriend all ... turn right at entrance, Team America has most NPCs and tools in this village.

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Postby Ecclesia » Mar 31, 2024 00:40

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