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Postby RandomNoob » Oct 18, 2020 13:31

It appears that the population is actually growing albeit slowly and I feel that the time is right for Midgard players to have other options in regards to guild philosophies/alliances. I will be removing my guild from the present /as by the end of this month. This will free up a slot for the current /as and hopefully in the future we will be healthy enough that more than one /as can thrive. There is a real need for Midgard to have a more realm centric atmosphere available for those who would prefer such, rather than /as being a mere catch all for whatever fotm people happen to be visiting from another realm. The current regime/system will of course continue along the course it has been on for the past 2 years and do just fine for the purpose it serves.

In conjunction with this, I will be asking that those in this guild who currently hold gc 0 remove themselves or demote to 1. I expect that you will want to transfer/fold over to one of the active guilds in the main alliance chat. You are not required to leave but I will have order in this guild and I will be removing any gc 0 save myself at the end of this month. Originally when I formed the guild I left another player as gc 0 for courtesy's sake for keep claims and in case I was not extremely active. Though I never quit the game, this player took it upon themselves to invite several other people into the guild as gc 0 as if it was theirs to give. This will now be rectified in one manner or the other. Those of you who are gc 0 obviously understand what powers you have with the commands and you may either comply with my request or act in other ways, however your nature guides you.

Please burn off accumulated guild points via keep claims in the next couple weeks, and remove all items from the guild house vaults. If anyone feels they have contributed funds perhaps in the form of house deed or something or other, let me know and I will make appropriate compensations; although again I must stress I explicitly instructed that no guild house be setup and yet it was.

To those players who are not gc 0, I apologize for the inconvenience. Going forward, I hope to get the guild into at least a small alliance of those who's philosophy more closely aligns with mine however there are no guarantees as population is still anemic. You are not required to leave, nor asked to but you may feel that it is more productive to find a guild that currently holds /as privileges for your own enjoyment of the game. As long as there are more than myself in the guild I will see to it that a guildhouse is run although it may not be at the current locale. One of the current 'leaders' has their fingers in many pies here on Midgard and can easily invite you into another /as guild.

This matter is not open for discussion or debate. In the absence of any skullduggery, at the end of this month I will remove this guild from /as and terminate any other gc 0's. You may contact me in game with any questions. Thank you.

Apologize for the use of this space, but the guild leadership situation required this to be posted in a public venue. It is not intended to provoke discussion of any sort and no replies will be forthcoming from the OP in any case.

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