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Postby Izzt » Jul 24, 2019 20:53

Hey Folks,

I wanna build 2 new Chars on Mid with my Son (first time Mid), me and my Son pref easy Classes like BD i guess ^^

At the Moment there is very less Action outside so what Classes would be BEST to take Keeps maybee as DUO or Trio ?

Is that possible by any Chance ? with Bondedancers maybee or some other classes ?

What 2 Classes would be the best for easy Keep Taking with duo or maybee Trio if some else got time ;)

And easy Xping ofc... ^^

i hope i get some answers ;)

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Postby Rendiviel » Jul 29, 2019 15:48

A bit late, sorry! A skald with a shaman would be a good duo. You get a good amount of utility, chain armor on both classes, shaman can provide buffs+heals and the skald provides melee+movement speed. Stackable damage add with the chant and the shaman buff helps as well. One person should definitely take on the role of shaman if you can help it, since shaman is so valuable in a group (augmentation spec). Bonedancer is great for solo class, but you're better off going with a spiritmaster and healer combination (SM can be pet spec, healer pacification with high mending). Since Midgard has fewer classes than the other realms, some classes have a bit more utility built into them. If you decide you want a pure melee and don't care about having movement speed, a berserker and shaman can be somewhat good of a combo. I can provide you with some money, armor, and weapons if you need a place to start. At the end of the day, play what you enjoy. I'll list below some of my favorite duo combos.

Thane and Shaman: Thane has ability to cast spells and is a powerful tank. Shaman provides endurance+heals

Shaman+warrior: Like with the Thane, warrior is a tank. Warrior is a pure tank, but doesn't get the same buffs as a Thane.

Shaman+Skald: Skald chants provide good utility, and gives you the fastest movement speed possible

Healer+Spiritmaster: Pacification spec gets power regen buff on healer, and summoning spec gives SM the ability to focus pull. You will need to respec the SM at 50 if you plan on doing RVR, but it is easier to level.

Shaman+Runemaster: If you go for this spec, the shaman should be primarily subterranean spec and the runemaster should be suppression spec. Shaman will AOE damage over time, runemaster will you the AOE damage snare. RM also gets a movement speed buff

Savage+healer: Savage gets a self haste buff that is very powerful. Additionally, a self endurance buff makes it so you don't need the shaman's endurance buff. The augmentation spec of healer gives celerity, which stacks with base haste to give a massive percent based attack speed buff. Very high potential for damage, but savage is limited to studded armor, meaning you will struggle to tank stronger mobs if you don't have good gear.

You'll notice that many of these have a shaman. For Midgard, a shaman is a highly valuable class due to the endurance buff. If you want to play a melee, one of you should play a shaman. I hope this gives you some ideas, even though I was a few days late. Cheers and welcome to Midgard. If you need anything, message me on forums or /send Lothin in game.

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Postby carnalito » Oct 06, 2019 01:23

Any Viking + Shaman is a great choice.

Before lvl 20 i would go Cave Spec on shammy, with 5 mending for decent steady heals at low cost and 4 aug for first end regen. Rest Cave. The dps just silly, the bolt alone does massive damage and the dots a great too. Very easy to xp.


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Postby IamKaia » Oct 10, 2019 20:57

my advice would be any combination of 2 characters that synergize well enough together in order for you to enjoy as many aspects of daoc as possible. Regardless of the class, you will still have a learning curve anyways, so pick what seems to interest you at first glance and try to learn that and daoc core concepts with it...

i could suggest:

skald+shaman: You would get speed, endurance, some heals and some cc. It would facilitate straightforward pvE and roaming in rvr afterwards...

healer+(runemaster/bonedancer/spiritmaster): You would still in most cases get a measure of speed (runemaster and or healer augspec speed), good heals, good cc, good damage. works in pve, works in rvr.

runemaster+spiritmaster: probably more smallman pvp oriented than pve, should still work fine, and would be fun if both of you are interested in playing mage classes. You would get runemaster speed, the ability to assist on the cold dd/debuf cold in order to down pretty much anyone in a few seconds, and some very decent CC capabilities. no heals though :)

Contrary to what most people tend to say, daoc robed mage classes are for the most part much more straightforward than melee classes as they're usually more streamlined and focus around fewer game concepts. In my opinion, healers and primary crowd controllers are the hardest, followed by melees and lastly by robed mages.

See specific guides for more info on builds and potential synergies..
Ultimately, unless you're strictly going to play just the two of you, pick whatever+shaman for pve and you'll be fine. Otherwise, don't stress too much because as long as you pick sought after classes like healer/warrior, you should be able to get groups..

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