Dragon Raid on Sunday, 09.01.2022

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Postby Romu » Jan 04, 2022 16:03

On Sunday, 09.01.2022 at 20:00 CET i will offer a Dragon Raid. Minimum Level for this Raid is Level 40. We need at least 28 Players to do this raid. We plan to kill Moran and the Dragon in Dartmoor. After the Raid we will roll for the loot at the Dragon Lair. We will roll two times, one roll for Loot and one roll for Respec Stones. Everyone will get a respec stone, even if he already won a drop before. We meet at the Tower Entrance Dartmoor, BG will be open at 19:30 CET.

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Postby Samirane » Jan 04, 2022 18:21

dragon back up?
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Postby Genjiro » Jan 04, 2022 18:39

I will join to enable (and test/debug/review) the Dragon fight
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Postby Ferres » Jan 04, 2022 19:02

Romu wrote:We meet at the Tower Entrance Dartmoor.

Nice, i´ll be there.

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