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Postby Hasbulat » Aug 19, 2018 11:55

waugl wrote:oh man.....

whining cause u get killed at lvling in fz? intell u what, i lvled the last three days there got ganked sometimes and yeah we knew it will happen but were still there. if u dont want to get ganked dont lvl there its as easy as that. and most of the players dont kill lvling group wich are grey but if u are in briefine etc. u wont be grey anymore to lvl 50 so nothing wrong on kill these people. its a rvr game u can easily build your 8 man group and stay save in albion with just a lower bonus!


I don't whine at all.

Firstly, I have nothing to level - have all classes I would like to play at 50 and equipped. Second, I leveled all my toons mostly in FZ, in group and solo, as soon I was able to kille there anything. Was never a problem for me, but I see lot of people, who just very frustrated after 1 wipe. Or even never tried to level in FZ, because it is such dangerous in them eyes.

Everything I tried to commit - changes are good and well-necessary in the modern situation on the server. But push the small groups is a wrong topic to focus on in order to grow population and make the adventure in RvR healthy.

Lot of time was wasted, and now I would appreciate our Uthgard Team doesn't waste the resources on unnecessary projects and makes desisions, which are able to improve the server for everybody and allow us to have interesting battles in RvR.

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Postby Seksy » Aug 19, 2018 18:38

I do despise ganking of greys and think just like pve a grey should not count to anything as it posses no challenge. At least a group of 36ish players who con do pose some kind of danger to a 50, but a grp of level 20-30s is like picking on a child. I would have at least removed it counting for player kills as that was something people admired on Uth1 because you knew someone with a lot of kills actually worked for them....

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Postby Abydos » Aug 19, 2018 19:07

We have the 'high solo kills' counter that is separate for this.

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Postby virulent- » Aug 20, 2018 13:35

good stuff
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