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Postby Rent » Aug 19, 2008 17:41

Holzi has 5968406850 RA respecs ... ^^
<Riot Control> Albion

Rentwin (28) Sorc, Relante (32) Necro, Gwinn (9) Cleric

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Rent (50) Druid, Rentina (50) Enchanter, Ofreal (20) BM

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Postby Zaraki » Aug 20, 2008 00:05

Hornster wrote:
Rector wrote:
massivmampfer wrote:bestimmt immer dann, wenn ich grad nicht on oder afk bin :<

*Rector schaut diabolisch grinsend in seine Kristallkugel und sieht folgendes*
Code: Select all
<[Uth]AnyGM> Ist Holzi da?
<[SoI]AnyMember> Der is grad eben afk Kippen kaufen gegangen...
<[Uth]AnyGM> Na endlich! Lasset das Event beginnen!
*Broadcast von [Uth]AnyGM: The golden joust event just started! I need 10 players between level 46-50 that want to participate - if you want, answer via /callgm. Reskins and Respecs are the possible rewards!

//5 Minuten später
*Broadcast von [Uth]AnyGM: The following players may get ready to be ported: ........
*[SoI]Holzmichel has joined #uthgard
<[SoI]Holzmichel> Na, hab ich was verpasst?


I lol'd

I didn't (don't know what it means :)
The world will look up and shout "Save us!"...and I'll whisper "NO U."

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Postby Stahlhagel » Aug 22, 2008 13:36

kann es sein, daß die vielen lags gestern von dem event herrühren?

Wegen diesen Lags wurde ein Drachenraid abgesagt.

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Postby Haldan » Aug 22, 2008 14:02

Nein. Die lags haben irgendeine andere Ursache. Unsere DEVs sind derzeit auch
fleissig dabei die Ursachen für die lags festzustellen.

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Postby Zarkor » Aug 22, 2008 17:03

Is there any way to know the servers capacity?

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Postby TheKrokodil » Aug 22, 2008 17:38

Server capacity is around 600 in normal mode; mass LD/lag bug occures sometimes without reason and isn't linked to player count (well, more players = more chances it will happen, ..)
Be nice. :)

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Postby Zarkor » Aug 22, 2008 17:53

I see, thanks for the info!

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Postby salbei » Aug 22, 2008 18:14

so how are you supposed to beat another player if you are not allowed to attack him ?

i´ve read the text twice and still don´t get it :oops:

if its a straight duel 1 after another :

a) as a caster - how are you supposed to beat 5 enemies with 1 mana pool ? well if you got a long mezz like sorc you could mezz - then root - then mezz again till you got power , seems rigged.

b) stealth ?! oh i´m low on hp -> restealth wait 5 minutes -> attack again

c) no charmable pets - wtf ? ok , leave out the sorcs , mentas and minstrels - hunter is useless with or without pet

d) viper anyone ?

e)whats the point playing a caster/archer then ? if you get charged immediatly after the fight is over ?

f) runemaster vs random hib caster . whatever you do - baseline stun is going to win.

g) armsman vs ANYTHING - i think rather hell will freeze over before you can beat anyone in a straight 1on1 (except maybe other armsman) . even if that happens - fight 2 will be short.

h) reavers ... slam levi levi levi -congrats - you´ve won round 1

i) warden complete selfbuffs paired with ability to heal + pbt + block/parry . yes - that will be balanced without pots/charges .

j) wizzy . hmm what can a wizzy take down in a straight 1on1 without the element of surprise .... hmmm are green pet spiritmasters allowed ?

k) friars - look at warden and substract pbt + block and add evade

l) skalds - if you manage to loose a 1on1 vs a caster you are officially braindead.

m) offtanks - you prolly gank 1 , maybe 2 but thats it.

n) bd . their lack of heal pets will make the class soooo bad that they won´t be able to kill any single player (sarcasm)

so whats left ? warden vs friar vs sorc vs skald - currently no sorcs or friars so its warden vs skald .

just give the prizes straight to the 1 warden and safe the players some time ...

3) You may not use realmabilities, charges or potions!

so you are not able to sprint ? (technicly it is a ra^^ even rapid fire is)
what about passive abilities ? aug. dex , mastery of blocking etc. - or even stoicism

whatever , as long as its just useless reskins i don´t care

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Postby Lazaren » Oct 09, 2008 13:15

macht ma wieder nen richtiges event mit richtigen belohnungen am besten pvp event ^^
gab schon lange keins mehr

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Postby aCt1oNyogi » Jul 16, 2009 11:09

Harting wrote:Hehe gute Sache, nun hab ich das auch mal verstandne :D
Aber gibt es auch die Möglichkeit, den Joust im Uth-IRC ebenfalls anzukündigen? Denn auch wenn ich eigentlich recht oft online bin, habe ich sämtliche Jousts bisher verpasst und gerade das höchste Joust möchte ich ungern verpassen.

gabs sowas schonmal ? btw lol nice endlich ma 1on tunier reskins i komme ^^

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Postby nixian » Jul 16, 2009 13:51

I hope we soon see more of theese :) havent seen one in a looooong time :)

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Postby Coccodrillo » Jul 22, 2009 02:30

ok, for request /callgm (joust) name level


when does this event take place? people will be ported in a particular zone?
i didn't understand :|

i suppose there will be a list of players and the event will take place... in the next 30 minuts?^^
...e il coccodrillo come fa??? :P

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Postby nixian » Jul 22, 2009 11:03

you get ported to the joust event zone where the event will take place :)

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Postby Sonnenschein » Jul 22, 2009 12:06

I guess the Last Joust been a while, right?

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Postby nixian » Jul 22, 2009 12:20

yeah haven't been a joust afaik since around new year (but then again i might just not have been on for the joust so who knows really :p)


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