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Uthgard - Adventure to Tajendi (Part I)


"We have setup a camp within a large canyon beneath an ancient temple. We believe
to have our next major breakthrough inside of the temple, but unfortunately we
lost some men. I don't want to tell you how we lost them in this letter, but I will
give you a detailed report when I have returned to Camelot.

I have ordered the Boggle brothers to return to Cotswold, Mag Mell and Mularn
to recruit additional adventures - their archaeological skills are not needed in
Tajendi and if they find compliant adventurers we have not to fear the death of
further members of our expedition. I will advise arriving adventurers, pack the
most impressive findings and prepare for my safe return."

This is our first custom zone project. We created a completly new zone using all possibilities the
DAoC client offered and tried to realise a whole new world based on our ideas as best as we could.
After 4months of intense development, storywriting and coffee drinking we proudly present you Tajendi.
The event itself is more likely a quest than an event, and therefore it will be online for some time.

This event serves as a test for creating custom client data (e.g. zones) and as a test on how far
we can implement complex content into the gameworld of DAoC.



- The adventure may take up to 4 hours or longer. You should be sure
that you have got this amount of time to spare, because nothing hurts
in a game more than having a quest almost finished, but being forced
to stop due to reallife circumstances.

- We advice you to read the texts. Some are just funny to read others
may include important information which makes it easier for you to

- Be prepared to loose some XP due to a few surprises

- Don't await imba items or rewards. Of course there are some, but
how good they are and what they are doing you will have to find out
by yourself.

- Everything you can interact with has got a yellow circle on
the ground, but only the groupleader will be able to interact with
NPCs that belong to the main questline. The dialogue between the quest NPCs and your groupleader is readable in the main chat.

- Turn on your sound! There is not only something to view, but also
a lot to hear. The soundchannels "Sound Effects Volume" and "Music Volume" should be set to

- This quests is following a more or less simple line which does not
mean that you are able to rush it. There are some features which
simply punish the rushing type of player.

- Take your time. You don't have to do this quest today, or tomorrow.
The zone/quest will be open for quite some time, not only today! Be
excited, but take care about the servers stability. Each additional group
creates an own instance which means extra work for the server!

- If you go linkdead, you can rejoin the quest by talking to the introducer
NPC again and clicking on [link dead]. You will be teleported to the quests
starting point.

- Please note that we cannot guarantee that this plugin will work with
every client and addon. It should work with catacombs and higher without
any problems, but ToA

- By using our addon you agree to the license following at the bottom

Building a group:

- Try to build a decent group. For sure you will need healers, casters and
tanks, but also a speederclass or maybe even a stealther comes in handy!

- Choose a leader who is giving your group enough time for the group to
read the dialogue between groupleader and mainline quest NPCs.

- Try to build up a full group. This will save some server performance and
of course makes it a lot easier for you and your group.

- You need at least five group members higher than level 40.


- If you completed the first part of the quest, please take some time and
write a feedback on it. What did you like, what could be done better. This
will help us for the second and final part of Tajendi.

-@Mythic: We would like to thank EA Mythic for creating one of the best
mmorpgs ever. With this plugin we also want to honor Mythic and want
to thank you for giving us the possibility to create worlds.

By installing this plugin and patching your client you agree to the following terms:

Dark Age of Camelot Client Mod License

* 'Mythic' is meant as the developer of DAoC, standing for 'Electronic Arts' and 'Mythic'.
* 'DAoC' stands for Dark Age of Camelot, which is being developed by Mythic.
* 'Author' stands for the developer of this software.
* 'Content' stands for the files provided with DAoC.

(1) General

You may copy this software as you want, but only in its original state.
Modifiying this software in any possible way is forbidden.

You may not decompile or reverse-engineer this software.

The software provided may not be used to violate any law or license, including
the license and terms of service stated by DAoC.

If you break any term of this license you are not allowed to use this
software anymore.

The author is not responsible for the actions taken by the user, and the software
itself is not intended to be used for any illegal purpose, but for creating and
updating archives.

Dark Age of Camelot is Copyright © 2001-2007 Electronic Arts Inc.
All Rights Reserved. Electronic Arts, EA, the EA logo, Dark Age of Camelot,
the stylized Celtic Knot logo, Shrouded Isles, Foundations, Trials of Atlantis,
New Frontiers, Catacombs, Darkness Rising, Labyrinth of the Minotaur,
Come Back to Camelot, Private Adventuring, and Realm vs. Realm are
trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the
United States or other countries. All Rights Reserved.

(2) Modding the Client

DAoC, Dark Age of Camelot and the Content of itself are copyright by
Mythic/Eletronic Arts, not the Author of this softwars, the Author
of the plugins used/provided or anyone else.

Mythic, EA, as well as the author of this software is not guilty/fault
for the actions taken/licenses violated by the user by using this program
or any of its functions, e.g. modifiying the DAoC Client Content by using
custom plugins.

Mythic and the Author may not get held responsible for any warranty
occuring/damage caused by the use of this software or by its content.
Use this software on your risk!

The Author and Mythic do not ensure that the software itself or the
changes made by the software will not damage the DAoC Client or anything else.

For any support needed by using this tool, don't ask Mythic.

You have to ensure that you won't play on the official servers provided
by Mythic/GOA (and any other company) using a modified/hacked client.

You have to ensure that you only use this software in a peaceful way,
not with the intention of damaging/harming anything or anybody.

The author of this software, as well as EA-Mythic, are not liable for
the changes made by the creators of custom content, which may occur
when using this content in this software.

Saturday, 18. August 2007


Please use the Tajendi2 package which contains part 1.

4.) Start the DAoC Mod Manager.

5.) Follow the video tutorial below (2nd Post)

7.) If everything worked fine, you should now have a patched client containing the Tajendi zone.

8.) Build a group and talk to the introducer NPCs found in Tir na Nog/Camelot/Jordheim.

Tajendi, brought to you by Metty and Sethor (and TheSchaf..)
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How to use the DAoC Portal ModMgr:
Video Tutorial
Be nice. :)

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