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Would you like to have a PvP event for one day?

I don't mind
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Postby Cantara » Feb 25, 2007 21:55

For one of the next events, a single day for uthgard as a PvP server is
planned. That means for one day there will be no borders in every realm and
anyone can go into whichever realm he or she likes to and do some PvP.
I would like you to post comments / thoughts / stimuli about this topic in here.

One thing that will be punished is bugusing. That means e.g. climbing on
houses and nuking whoever will pass the way.

Moreover i would like you to vote in this Poll whether you think that a PvP
day would be welcome or not.

Thanks for the participation.

German translation:
Als eines der Nächsten ist das folgende Event geplant: Einen Tag Uthgard als
PvP-Server. Das bedeutet, dass einen Tag die Reichsgrenzen nicht exitieren
und jeder in das ihm beliebende Reich gehen kann und etwas PvP betreiben
kann. Ich würde gerne sehen dass ihr Kommentare / Gedanken / Anreize
postet die dieses Thema betreffen.

Eine Sache vorweg: Buguse wird hart bestraft. Jemand der auf ein Haus
klettert das nicht auf normalem Wege zu erreichen ist und von dort alles
wegcastet was den Weg kreuzt wird bestraft werden.

Desweiteren habe ich eine Umfrage an dieses Thema geknüft in dem ihr
euch dazu, per Stimme, äußern könnt ob ihr dies als "willkommen" an-
seht oder eher abgeneigt dem gegenübersteht.

Danke für die Beteiligung.

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Postby Argyl » Feb 25, 2007 22:06

Surely that could be great fun, but there must be done smth that smb dont kills his guildy 200 times a day and gets so many rps as others do in 2 month emain rvring.

If there is maybe a solution about that a player can only give rp to to same player that killed him already once after 30 min or sth like that i think its ok to try such an event

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Postby Thraxia » Feb 25, 2007 22:15

I share the opinion of Argyl - it'll be really difficult to ensure it not being used for rp farming. I don't like the idea, uthgard RvR and shouldn't be pvp - it'll only result in rp farming. Such an event would definitly be a day out of daoc for me.. unless it's just for fun (no bp, rp, kills counted)
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Postby Djinndrache » Feb 25, 2007 22:16

I would only agree if there are no drops, no loots, no rp and no bp for that day.
It has to be just a "fun day". Else I wouldn't like it.

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Postby Zaubermaus » Feb 25, 2007 22:20

I think like Thraxia, i dont need a PvP Event, i can play on PvP Server when i'm interested in PvP, but i play on Uthgard. Finally when a PvP-Event is, i will stay in Jordheim or other safe Zone and craft, when we got no safezones i will be off for the day.

I like more big RvR Events or a Crossrealm / Coop RvR to clear a dungeon with a very hard boss mob.

Just my mind

Greetz Zaubermaus
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Postby Cantara » Feb 25, 2007 22:22

ofcourse we'll try to make sure that these things won't happen:
1) RP farming
2) items will be dropped in the other realms

And please don't create several accounts to vote in this poll

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Postby Gaius » Feb 25, 2007 22:23

Sounds great for me.
@Argyl: at pvp-server u cant kill guild members

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Postby Sharan » Feb 25, 2007 22:26

I think like Thraxia, because Uthgard is a RvR server and no PvP servers. If you want PvP you can go on PvP servers. I think many players would use the event for rp and bp farming....

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Postby Cantara » Feb 25, 2007 22:28

It's just one day - keep that in mind. Of course it will be difficult
to initiate it but it's possible.

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Postby panachier » Feb 25, 2007 22:41

maybe just a title for the event as "reward" and a rollback after this day...

a day just for fun so... why not
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Postby Curse » Feb 25, 2007 22:46

sau geile idee endlich ma ne chance ne mille rps am tag zu machen ;) bin stark dafür!

mfg addy :twisted:

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Postby Sethor » Feb 25, 2007 22:56

I think that would be a nice idea, but I would make it a bit more flexible
based on the future Warhammer online system......

The possibility to enter other realms should be controlled in some way
meaning the "supply line" to enter other realms may be broken by the
defending realm. Thatfor I'd suggest the following system:

- all keeps (Emain/Braemar/Wilton) get claimed by Uthgard staff
--> nor realm has any boni

- channeler-teleports to Braemar/Wilton/Emain are disabled
--> players will be focused to participate in the event

- channelers receive a new teleport into another battleground (Leirvik?)
--> a battleground offers fair designs for every realm and a keep

- the central keep of Leirvik is the key into other realms. If a realm is
able to hold this keep for 15minutes, all channelers except the Leirvik
controlling realms one will be disabled. In addition gates or channelers
will be summoned in Leirvik for the keep owning realm to teleport into
other realms.
--> the shutdown of non-keep controlling realms channelers will force
them to defend their realm and will prevent nonstop zergs in Leirvik.

- the only safe zone of each realm will be the main townhall of each capital
city. Midgard - upper townhall. Albion - The Round Table. Hibernia - upper
townhall. These zones will be heavily guarded.
--> defending realms will be forced to defend.

- defending realms have to rebuilt their defensive structures in order to
reactivate their teleporter. Every hostile player will drop some kind of
coins (RealmCoins). These coins can be collected and be given to a NPC
in your capitols townhall. If this NPC gets 100 realm coins, all channelers
will be reactivated and the Leirvik raiding time can begin again. If this
happens, the teleporters in Leirvik will be shut down and may not be
reactivated until another realm claims the keep.
--> the coin system will enable that the defending realm may regain control
of its realm in reraiding the Leirvik keep.

This system would not need a rollback, because hostile players would still
be hostile and thatfor not be able to trade with other realms players.

Needs of course a lot of coding/scripting, but would be a very nice system
including the idea of supply lines and offering a realm only to enter other
realms once per keepraid, so there won't be an unlimited flow of raiding

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Albion: Nothing atm
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Postby Argyl » Feb 26, 2007 00:00

Sure you cant kill guildies in pvp server , but if you want to farm with them they leave and get invited again later.

Have seen this often enough on pvp shards

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Postby Onugnin » Feb 26, 2007 00:05

i think 1 day could be fun ... (if i lvl till then a bit)

for the RP farming: no RPs on kills of same realm and few people kill realmmates
bindpoints: delete all bindpoints that are in places one couldn't reach after the day OR just do not allow someone to bind in a place he couldn't reach (makes stealthers that got killed once having a nice run back to enemy realm)

and i would like to see some safezone where lowbies and people that do not want to pvp could still play, doesn't need for 50s but maybe some area for players up to lvl 30, these players are 1hits for most highlvl stealthers anyway and many wouldn't have fun on beeing an RP machine


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