Burial Grounds / Easter 2012

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Postby Orihiime » Apr 08, 2012 16:23

I was talking about alb side, that more than 100 alb leaved the bg for try a relic raid 1 hour after event started, and cannot do it because of this bug ^^
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Postby holsten-knight » Apr 08, 2012 20:17

Lasastard wrote:He is not taking about taking it during the event, hibs were at the magic relic well after the end of the event and couldn't open the doors because rams were bugged. And we killed the defending 'zerg' 2 or 3 times, before we finally gave up because we couldn't get the doors open.

oh, that was not on purpose? We thought you just want to pull some inc, thats why we did not try to get into relic to give you a fair open field battle... and the 3 fights where fun, guess if the rams had worked it would have been more boring :D

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Postby Chrissi » Apr 09, 2012 00:21


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Postby Galandriel3 » Apr 06, 2016 14:22

was a very funny event
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