Aerus City 2010 (Christmas) - Screenshots

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Postby Disdain » Dec 24, 2010 00:47

Other than having lots of people there it's similar in no other way tbh.
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Postby Finsta » Dec 24, 2010 13:50


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Postby toaky » Dec 26, 2010 00:46

i didnt take any screen shots but heres a video i made real quick after the event. it looks like i didnt do much but well...i was getting about 5fps while recording during the fight scenes on top of a bit of server lag, but it wasnt too bad and there were many more fights that i didnt record.

also not mentioned in the video that was in my group was Ceadius

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Postby 6Dragon6 » Jan 14, 2011 17:38

So... did you kill the Phoenix? or just RvR? I can't tell by the pics.
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Postby Artefact » Jan 15, 2011 14:36

6Dragon6 wrote:So... did you kill the Phoenix? or just RvR? I can't tell by the pics.

both :)

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Postby nixian » Jan 15, 2011 14:37

More than once ^^


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