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Postby Sethor » Jan 28, 2010 20:18

No, it's always a feature! :D :P :D

red croco !!!
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Postby Lintu » Jan 28, 2010 20:31

Sethor wrote:No, it's always a feature! :D :P :D

red croco !!!

Lies. As the saying the cake is a lie. Its there! Wrong game xD
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Postby Glacius » Feb 18, 2010 20:22

Amadeth wrote:I am disappointed that Taj2 takes so long to complete. Also the drops are too powerful and give the players who posses them quite an edge in making templates (not to mention the one with str/con charge).

This reminds me of ToA very much. I do not have time to spare 15+ (!!) hours at once, even if I could somehow force myself to. I can also forget about forming the same group several times for 5+ hours. This is just another cake for hardcore players :?

Thats how mmorpgs are m8ty, those wo play alot got good gear,lots of money and rps in daoc's case. Taj 2 is long..but doesnt even compare with TOA..i d say 1 of the masterlevels is as big as taj 2, and imagine that they were 10 ..add up the ML xp and..:)

I m glad that we got new drops in taj2, for example, there are good 2h hammers,2h swords in mid, but no good 2h axes with slow speed..like 5.8 etc, i hope they implemented some to even the weapon range and templates for every1 ..


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