A normal Friday night on Uthgard!

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Postby Rudra » Jul 24, 2022 03:06

all cheese,
today there is another update from tonight.
Around 6 p.m. the groups started at the same time in all 3 kingdoms.
It was back and forth, but it was all about cheese.
The battles were mostly violent, there were many injured and dead.
There hasn't been anything like this on Uthgard for a long time.
The pit cry of the Hibis that evening was: Allez, Allez
and that's how it went. In the other kingdoms, too, there was a lot going on. Maybe there will be someone from the other realms who would like to add their mustard to all the cheese.

PS.: Something like today would be an enrichment for the server.
I hope you all had your fun.


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Postby Rudra » Jul 25, 2022 12:27

Baguette, fromage, wine and fun,
the last few days we had visitors from beautiful France on Uthgard. The Gauls spread out across all 3 kingdoms and started a true level marathon. Within only 3 days most of them reached the maximum level. With a lot of fun and joy and without ramming you started in RvR. At first only fortresses were conquered with a few small skirmishes on the side.
On Saturday around 6 p.m. the dress rehearsal for the big showdown on Sunday started (I already reported about it). On sunday it was finally time, the menhirs were cleaned and we strengthened ourselves again with roast wild boar. Unfortunately, the magic potion was no longer available, so we drank wine.
It finally started just before sunset. The troops of all 3 kingdoms formed and went to the great battle in Emain Macha. A veritable avalanche of brave fighters poured onto the battlefield to measure their strength.
It was a constant back and forth of wins and loses and neither side wanted to give up.
Around 10 p.m. it was decided to end the whole thing because neither side had an advantage. Still, Asterix and Obelix would have been proud of everyone who took part. Unfortunately, many of these brave comrades-in-arms will leave us and return to their cities and villages in Gaul.
We all had a lot of fun and very much regret that many will leave us again.
A special thanks goes to the French streamers who brought the whole thing to life and motivated so many to participate.


Ps.: I hope you have pics from event!!

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Postby Rudra » Aug 06, 2022 10:20

The Rvr started early this Friday.
Some Mid(arbeiter) set out early to conquer the fortresses in the other realms. Due to their strength, they were even able to conquer the heavily fortified outer bastion of the Hibis.
The last hippis sat in Dc and could only watch and do nothing.
The rest of the day was reasonably quiet, the Hibs went about their usual activities in the Rl, a few Pixel's raided the Albs' home zone back and took a few unguarded Mids castles.
But shortly after 8 p.m. the fighters rallied around their leader Romu.
Editor's note: I like him very much and salute him on this way.
They started at their outposts but were noticed shortly afterwards, unfortunately the goal of their first action was not known.
They struck with full force in the heavily fortified Dun Scathaig, unfortunately the individual fighters from Hibernia who rushed to help fell by the wayside.
Due to a lack of fighters, the shroom growers were not able to hold the other remaining castles.
The aim of the attack was suddenly clear, Merlin's walking stick should be brought back home.
The few fighters who gathered in Dagda let out their battle cry: "Hib, Hib, Hooray" and anticipated the things that were to come. The attack took place, all the Hibs in the keep pulled their shieschas again and were still excited.
Some couldn't wait to become victims of the strong army, but they could be revived with the help of healers so that they could continue their fight.
The Alb(ans) opened the gates and full of confidence they stormed into the courtyard of the Relict fortress. However, the losses were very high and it was not possible to conquer the goal of Merlin's agitating staff.
Since you still had some time, you went to Midel (earth) and conquered a few more castles there. So this evening was again a success that you can book.

Ps.: I hope you all had fun, unfortunately it wasn't possible for us to defend the Hib keeps because many vacation or other things are in the foreground at the moment. I could have given you the relics, but I'm not giving them back anytime soon.


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Postby Rudra » Sep 18, 2022 13:28

The rise and fall of the 3 empires

It happened 17 years ago that an island of 13 wise men was created from the depths of the internet and ruled by them. The new island attracted many respectable traders, merchants and soldiers, but also many scoundrels and thieves.
Three kingdoms developed, the kingdom of Albion, Midgard and Hibernia. Strong walls and guards protected the interior of the 3 realms and the 13 wise men watched over them all.
They were the law and order of the new country. In the case of serious violations, the people were banished.
There was also a dragon in every realm that was regularly visited to snatch its prey from it.
Outside of the protected realms, there were regular battles for the fortresses and relics of the realms. But this was tolerated by the wise men. As a reward for conquering foreign fortresses, a portal opened to penetrate the depths of the island to finish off the monsters in it and seize their treasures and weapons. So the years passed and the people of the land were promised to create another island. Many dreamed of conquering new shores and becoming even more powerful, but unfortunately this remained only a dream. Many of the wise men lost interest in continuing to rule over the people and sought new tasks or had other goals. The dragons also left the lands with an unspecified destination. Mankind no longer knew what to do with itself and attacked each other wildly, with words and deeds. More and more people no longer felt comfortable and left the country to turn to new shores. The population is still shrinking today
it is probably only a matter of time before the last inhabitant leaves the island and it will disappear again into the vastness of the internet.
This is probably how this story ends again with: Once upon a time............

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Postby Spivo » Sep 19, 2022 07:31

Like tears in the rain...
Albion and having fun


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