Enna Nged keep take

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Postby Glacier » Mar 13, 2019 02:43

HI- Nged was the first enemy owned keep inside hib frontier that hit L10, that I have seen. What was the rp gain for taking it?


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Postby Daetren » Mar 13, 2019 10:13

2.3k? Doors+keep lvl both add up. Unfortunately doors were low likely due to Drastic being a troll. Speaking of, did you like my escape from Arv the other day Drastic? Right under your nose!
I certainly don't pride myself on keep rps but the high ones bring a decent challenge to the table within limited numbers.
Sadly, if only a fraction of the Romu zerg came out for player rps instead of keep rps we might actually have decent Inc besides trading keeps! Don't be a sheep, be a wolf!
It's everyone's job to keep Inc alive! Are you doing your part?
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Postby Xandira » Mar 13, 2019 14:07

Doors where only lvl 2 i think
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