alchemy no 10 minute invigoration pots

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Postby JOhnnyFerro » Mar 09, 2019 14:20

Well we have 10 minute power regen pots but not invigoration pots.

I have looked at sites that say we should have the 10 minute pots at this patch for invigoration.

I this just a custom change you made? 2 minute pots for the gold they cost are crazy.

Just my opinion

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Postby Chia » Mar 23, 2019 00:58

Whatever sites you have looked at are wrong, in fact not only should they be 2min duration this patch level, we should only able to craft the one charge pots. They have since added the up to 9 charge ones. Imho a QOL that doesn't go overboard, anymore might be too much.

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