Question about minor skill spellcasting

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Postby Rudra » Jan 24, 2019 09:11

I have alchemy as a main skill and have spellcrafting as a side skill.
While I can make the jewels, I can not make them on armor and weapons.
Is that right or is it possible to change that?

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Postby Wakanidoo » Jan 24, 2019 13:34

You know you can put gems only on crafted armor/weapon ?

Another idea: Since spellcrafting is your secondary skill, it can be only 45% of your main skill. Thats means you cannot
craft high gems, nor put them in armor/weapon.
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Postby Rudra » Jan 24, 2019 17:19

My main skill is 1110 Besides skill 750+, 45% is not quite right. Gems I can manufacture with it, but just do not spellcraften.

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