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Postby Berenhorn » Sep 23, 2018 18:11

Ok I am new to spell crafting and was wondering where I can find info to imbue Items for my toon. I have a lvl 35 Thurg and want to max out the toon for the next 7-10 lvls .How do I do this as far as the calculations to make the items and imbue them to armor and staff? Well this part of imbuing I am ok on Thanks for any help and if you direct me to a template website please show me an example of how to read it
Thanks in advance for the help I know this community will show Oh this is for an alb toon

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Postby silenced » Sep 23, 2018 18:48

You can google for spellcraft calculators, Mora's in version 1.71 or 1.74 is nice to have (basic in german, but language can be switched to english, has some minor bugs,so check gems before imbueing), then there are several old versions of Kort's available too.

It's wise to use these old versions since armor quality also counts in and these older versions are not updated to the new live server system.

It's actually quite simple and I'm sure you will figure it out.

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Postby Skurk » Sep 24, 2018 17:55

i normally use the Allakhazam spellcraft calculator. Just google for it.
It's quite acurate (atleast i havent found anything wrong till now). :)

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Postby Berenhorn » Sep 24, 2018 19:48

Thanks for help am doing research even now :grin:

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Postby Rector » Sep 24, 2018 21:26

Use this moras version for Uthgard:

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