[ALB] WTS dropped Alch crafting mats (I have a LOT)

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Postby EzekielAxel » Aug 27, 2020 13:14

Clearing out my vault... if you are an Alch or might level one in the future, this is your lucky day! I have set the prices below to significantly beat the current average housing prices, and you don't have to spend an hour running all over housing zones! I have approx 400-500 of each of the following at the time of this initial posting:

Ancient Pure Mercury - 2g each
Ancient Mirror - 1g each
Ancient Troll Blood - 1g each
Ancient Giant Blood - 9g each
Enriched Quicksilver - 3g each
Ancient Crushed Focus Stone - 3g each

BULK DISCOUNT :: Offering 10% OFF these prices when you buy stacks of 100!

Please send me a tell in game on Drastikk or PM me here on the forums ASAP

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Postby Teri » Aug 29, 2020 15:36

It looks like you haven't been online for more than 2 years.

Nearly all Alb players have a Necro for farming.
Nearly all Alb playsers have hundreds of Troll Blood and Giant Blood in their vaults.
Other alch mats are destroyed, because not very useful.
If someone needs such mats, he will get those in his guild / ally for free. No need to buy them.

I don't think you will find someone to buy theese things.

Make pots and try to sell them - maybe so you can make a little bit money

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