Broadsword says classic server is coming soon (TM)

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Postby albeyond » Jan 28, 2021 13:58

Their latest grab bag, posted on 1/22/21 stated:

"Lastly, and most importantly, our work continues on the alternate, "classic" ruleset server and we look forward to sharing our plans with you very soon!"

Of course this is vague and unclear but at least this is good news for the DAoC community!

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Postby Satiah » Jan 28, 2021 17:41

Odds are somewhere around october of this year, when DAoC has its 20 year anniversary
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Postby Grahmdal » Jan 28, 2021 18:15

It'll be interesting to see if the idea is still a progression server that ends with being transfered to the one live server, Ywain.
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Postby madskaizer » Jan 28, 2021 22:48

I played on the last official classic servers Gareth and Lamorak, and we all know where they are today :) ... of-camelot

Broadsword will merge the servers in the end, its kind of their concept by now.
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Postby albeyond » Jan 29, 2021 15:38

Even if its only short-lived fun, there is nothing quite like a fresh server launch to bring the entire community together. It's a blast every time

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Postby MrPickles » Jan 29, 2021 18:09

I have a feeling it's just going to be a zone restricted version of live. Mobs won't be in original spot, will be NF, etc. But, probably still worth checking out.

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Postby Pendalith » Feb 28, 2021 20:51

I played on gareth and lam to BUT at the time the game was not yet owned by broadsword yet. Lets hope they dont fubar it, last ditch hurrah for the game anyway. :twisted:
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