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Postby Jaysun » Aug 13, 2018 16:32

Did you JUST kill that OJ Crypt Spider in Murie Tomb but now you're at 10% health? :lol: you're HAPPY because that efer would have killed you last level!! YAAASS!!! but now you have to wait for regen- BOOOOO :x

Instead of staring at your screen for those 1-2 minutes while you regen. Instead of reaching for that Mountain Dew, or a bag Chips.....

Why not work out???? :?:

I'd like to start an Uthgard Health challenge! When in downtime for power/health/endu regen, lets try and do some exercise!!!! :grin:

- you can hold plank, its easy and doesn't require much. Start at 10 seconds and work you way from there. (do this at least 3 times or after each pull)

- Pushups(my personal favorite), I can get 100 push ups done within one Murie Tomb outing. No need for 100, start with 3 sets of 5, then work your way up every day adding one. FORM IS KEY -if you can't do a pushup (LADIES) start on your knees, for you advanced people, you can do included pushups!

-bicycle kicks- sit down on your rear, lift legs up in front of you and pretend you're riding a bike-holding you core is key. Start with 3 sets of 10 seconds each then work your way up from there adding time as you see, *coughs* 'fit'

- dips- can do it from your chair! again, start with 3 sets of 5-7 then work your way from there

LETS DO EEIT Uthgard!!!!
Jaysun - Valewalker

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Postby Grahmdal » Aug 15, 2018 05:40

Sorry mate, bags full of 9 charge pots...I had to go buy a bigger ash tray for the computer desk.

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Postby Anomie » Jan 12, 2019 23:38

Love this idea. I and a few other players i know already make a point of doing house chores while down for regen or while crafting, so while repetitive strength exercise is totally unappealing to me, i will take on this challenge and if i'm not doing chores i will do eye exercises, qigong, or tai chi in my down time and report back here within a year.

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