Please Extend Queuing Grace Period to Cover Injection Error

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Postby Atropos » Jan 14, 2017 22:59

Hi Uthgard staff,

I heard that you recently added a 10 minute grace period for accounts which go link-dead which enables players to log back in bypassing any queue if they go LD.

Would you please consider extending this functionality to cover any player who successfully completes the login queue? I was so excited to spend my Saturday playing some DAOC, but after waiting 4 hours in queue I got a random 1.65 patch injection error once the game client started. I've never seen that issue before, been playing Uthgard without any problems up until now. Unfortunately this dumped me right back at the end of a 1600 player queue, effectively preventing me from playing at all today.

IF you have the ability to whitelist accounts or a certain amount of time to pass the queue, could you consider giving a 10 minute bypass for anyone who waits through the queue? That way if there is any error during the login process it doesn't immediately force re-queuing. Thanks for considering this enhancement.


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Postby DaQueso » Jan 15, 2017 19:21

Have you been on Uthgard since beta/this launch?

wrote:Install latest version of .NET Framework
Install C++ Windows Redestributable 2015 (x86) ---[32bit version]---
Tic the "stay logged in" option on OpenID login
Change DAoC's install path

Try changing DAoC's install directory only if the other 3 steps don't work

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Postby Atropos » Jan 15, 2017 21:07

Hey, thanks for reply. I've been playing Uthgard successfully. This was a totally random error.

The purpose of my original post was to request that the re-queue grace period be extended to cover the initial client load, instead of only apply after you have successfully logged into the game.

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