Can't pan camera verticall

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Postby midtroll » Mar 25, 2013 15:33

I can't pan the camera vertically. I used to be able to turn my character and adjust the up and down view on my character by holding the right mouse button down. Now I can still turn my character but I can't change the up and down view by press in the right mouse key. I can change the vertical view up and down with the keys.

Someone in-game told me, it was a known problem, and to "Alt+tab" out and back into the game, but that did not clear the problem.

Any advice gratefully received

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Postby midtroll » Mar 25, 2013 23:11

OK, I have found a solution.

The issue was present in all the characters I tested so I decided it was not one of the character configuration files.

Looking in: C:\Users\gavin\AppData\Roaming\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LotM

I renamed the 'user.dat' file.

Started DAoCPortal, logged on to Uthgard and the problem had cleared. Exited the game

Finnaly I compared the old and new version of the 'user.dat' file and could see nothing that was obviously wrong. I did edit my original file to keep as much of what I thought was important about the setup and that worked fine.



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Postby StealthStalker » Jul 06, 2013 19:33

This worked for a guildie of mine as well, thanks for the post.

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Postby Andbriwal » Jul 10, 2024 17:54

This worked for me, but by renaming the user.dat file as a backup in the uth2 folder.
Thanks for posting this solution. :o)

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