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Postby jackyjoy123 » Apr 22, 2021 18:20


is there a way to learn my password and acc name from someone? u know i didnt played for a long time, and my harddisk burned, so i lost my connector which my acc. and password on it.Iam sure about password but not sure about acc. name..U know i got millions of chars at Uthgard and i just add some numbers on my accname for other accs. and now i didnt remember which number i gave for Haley =) if there is no way, which realm are u prefer for starting new char?


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Postby Anomie » Apr 29, 2021 07:10

Hi jackyjoy123,

Just another player here, chiming in because i saw your message had no replies yet.

I don't know the answer to your main question about account name discovery, maybe there's a way to do that though. If i read your message correctly and 'Haley' was one of your toons, maybe that could be a lead if a game master notices this thread. The thing is there hasn't been too much activity from them here on the forum lately. Abydos isn't the only one who's posted but he's been the main one i'm aware of who's still watching over the server. ... haley&c=Go

If that's you, it shows that you logged-in that lvl 28 Runemaster 4 years ago.

In other news, which realm needs players? All of them! Play whichever one appeals to you the most for now.

Another answer to which realm to join has more to do with population times and how you prefer playing.

I often play at midnight, US eastern time. Usually the biggest population by realm at that time is Midgard, and although this was true a year ago, i think it is even more so now that a few long-time Albion players from North America moved to Midgard to help jumpstart what had been for perhaps two years the least active realm in RvR.
When i used to play Hibernia the population often dipped to just me on the whole realm for about an hour, and nowadays the same thing happens at least once a week on Albion: /who shows 1 (22) or 2 (20) or something (Hi Mitch!), and of those nearly all are Mid at Midnight ... charming?!

Two or three hours later there are enough Albs to start retaking a few low keeps, and the Mids have mostly gone to bed.

Then by noon Eastern US time (early evening in Europe) the population tends to be higher, about evenly split between Hibernia and Albion with few Mids. Twice per week (days announced weekly) there is a small army of weekend warriors that come out to join Romu in Albion around this time. If you play Hib or Mid then you'll have fun against superior numbers, and if you play Alb you can join in for plenty of RPs when the higher level keeps fall. No classes unwelcome.

Actually that's true of the whole server, pretty much. Population is so low that most of us appreciate having anyone to play with/against. The classes that used to be unwanted in most RvR groups can still contribute to the action. I play an ordinary deathsight-spec farming Necro in RvR fairly often these days and it's great for debuffing and setting ground targets and transferring power to other players. It also has a nice absorption buff to hand out to classes that don't have their own. Another example: People tend to agree that the Hunter is the weakest archer and one of the weakest classes at this patch level, but i can assure you it's harder to take keeps with hunters inside them!

Hopefully it works out and you can come back and play on Uthgard again.

Be well,


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Postby Ithiggi » Apr 29, 2021 07:58

What hunters ? 1060 hunters were created only a few active. Play a hunter you may also be playing a 35 in rvr zones :gaga:

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Postby Anomie » Apr 29, 2021 15:04 ... &p6=Minita

LWRP of 4,364 might not be overall impressive, by comparison with this player's other toons, but here's one i got shot by recently on a failed keep take attempt.

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